St Andrews fashion shows reveal their themes

Image: dont walk
Image: dont walk
Image: Catwalk

“We combine the mediums of art, fashion, and performance to challenge all forms of structural inequality. We are unafraid and unbound by rules.”


As part of Raising and Giving Week (RAG Week), and the wider University of St Andrews’ Charities Campaign, Catwalk donates all proceeds to charity. Last year, the event raised approximately £10,000. This year Catwalk will contribute to three select charities: Frontline Fife, Anthony Nolan, and Women for Women International. Frontline Fife, the event’s local charity, offers housing advice and support throughout Fife. On the national level, Anthony Nolan assists individuals in desperate need of stem cell transplants by matching donors. Internationally, Catwalk donates to Women for Women International, which provides monetary and emotional assistance in the form of human rights education, skill-based training, and business start-up specifically in conflict-ridden regions to foster regeneration and greater welfare.

Catwalk 2017 director, AJ Brennan, states, “The concept behind the show is ‘Undergrowth’. This year, Catwalk will investigate the rise of the unseen urban landscape, subcultures and the liberated expression of youth. In a celebration of grime and the underdog we hope to deconstruct ideas of success, celebrity and luxury.”

The show’s diverse multitude of charitable causes parallels its expressed objectives and concept. Additionally, the committee offered a sneak peak for promotional material, as can be seen above. We look forward to viewing Catwalk’s translation of ‘Undergrowth’ on stage.


DONT WALK’s promotional website states, “We combine the mediums of art, fashion, and performance to challenge all forms of structural inequality. We are unafraid and unbound by rules.” Creative Director, Tiphaera Ziner Cohen, outlines this years creative concept: Progress & Regress. Through numerous artistic mediums, DONT WALK pursues its youthful and cosmopolitan spirit to communicate their debatably controversial and undeniably unorthodox vision.

DONT WALK aims to highlight the consequence of juxtaposing one visual experience against another. Simply expressed on their website, “We seek to challenge all forms of structural inequality by influencing both public discourse and contributing to organizations that support education and conflict prevention efforts. We are unafraid and unbound by rules.”

For the third continuous year, DONT WALK will contribute to the Robin Hood Foundation, an internationally poignant organisation fighting poverty in New York. To date, DONT WALK has contributed over £50,000 to the charity. Additionally, this year DONT WALK is fostering a pioneering partnership with Salam LADC in Lebanon to provide education, social, and welfare services to refugees.

Image: Stuary McClay
Image: Stuary McClay

On the Pulse captures the quickening pace of fashion proliferation, innovation and consumerism. No longer the reserve of a well-heeled few

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show 

St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, entering its 25th year, remains the largest and most successful student-led organisation in the United Kingdom. Andrew Kalinin, FS’ Head of Charity states, “The St Andrews Charity Fashion Show is extremely proud to announce its 2017 Charitable Partner – The Brain Tumour Charity.” This carefully selected organisation works in the revolutionary field of researching three-dimensional printing of brain tumours.

FS strongly believes its collaboration with The Brain Tumour Charity will positively impact many individuals with this serious disease. In regards to this year’s theme, FS Creative Director, Ewan Lawson, elaborates, “From see-now-buy-now, to season-less shows; sustainable sourcing, to live show streaming, FS17: On the Pulse captures the quickening pace of fashion proliferation, innovation and consumerism. No longer the reserve of a well-heeled few, the fashion industry has gone viral, expanding it’s doors beyond the salons of Paris and palazzos of Milan, all the way to Lower College Lawn on 11th February 2017.” This glowing concept and remarkable charity peak interest for this year’s FS.


Label’s founder and director, Jo Boon, explains, “’Label was founded with the aim of creating a space for people to share their stories and show their beauty. We began by running a body positive fashion show, and will now be running a whole fashion season composed of a series of exhibitions next semester…We have now branched out and run shows through multiple artistic platforms: our magazine, arts events and our first theatre piece on 3 December, which reflect on gender, sexuality, mental health and physical health.”

Ms Boon elaborates: “I founded the company after being sexually assaulted over a year ago, fundamentally an act of silencing which I refused to allow to silence me. I believe in the power of creating a space where people can share their stories and be heard.” The event originally launched April 2016 with a team of 40 dedicated individuals.

Label’s objective simply states that ‘labels are for clothing: labels are not for people’. We look forward to the continuation of this refreshing approach!

Image: Sitara
Image: Taylor Almeraz, Lightbox


This charity fashion show season, Sitara* aims to illuminate the element of fusion in the ‘South-East Asian Fusion show’ by embracing the diversity within the St Andrews community. The theme will be This is My ‘Rang’ (‘Rang’: raNG/ 1. colour or hue). The festival of Holi, a celebration of colour and love, stimulated inspiration. Their mission is not only the educational promotion of Southeast Asian culture, but also the widening of a lens to a vast array of individuals regardless of cultural identity. The committee explained, “Ultimately, we aim to emulate this appreciation of various hues through all of our creative projects, including our fashion, dance, and theatrical interpretations of the theme.”

In accordance, Sitara* supports the Multan branch of the SOS Children’s Village Pakistan charity, a non-governmental social welfare organisation committed to housing orphans and abandoned children in fourteen cities across Pakistan, fittingly with the theme, embracing those that are disregarded by society.

Additionally, the Multan branch has successful provided education services and psychological support to young children. Co-directors Victoria Decaux and IvyRuoLin express in high spirits that, “this year Sitara* is being very ambitious, and with the help of our sponsors, most notably Afrodysia, we are aiming to give St Andrews a show like no other, full of colour, culture and an after-party filled with surprises. We don’t want to give any more away, but let’s just say, you might be leaving the show wearing more colours than you came in with.”

We anxiously await these surprises and look forward to embracing their theme.


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