Re:fashion brings affordable fashion back to St Andrews

Photo: re:fashion
Photo: re:fashion
Photo: Re:fashion

Fashion is everywhere in St Andrews – not just to peruse in high street stores, but in weekly street sales, and even lectures. Indeed, the array of procrastinating laptops in front of me during an IR lecture constitute a fashion showcase that defies the department stores of London. Yet, as I observe the distracted members of my various subjects staring at unattainable Prada and Fendi, the frustration of student life hits home like never before: It’s too bad we’re all broke. But, to make this assumption would leave out the ingenuity of the student world, this time taking the form of the team from re:fashion. Re:fashion’s upcoming event has returned to provide an eclectic mix of styles for us.

Re:fashion’s event will be, in the words of co-founder Maria Simas, “focused on selling high-quality products whilst making sure our customers get good deals.” With this in mind, Monday 14 November is the perfect opportunity, as they say, to “find your next basic jumper, ball dress, or winter boots.” Anyone who wishes to sell at the event is also welcome and must let the team know before Thursday 10 November.

So for all of you who are bored of the same store layouts or believe in the untapped potential that is a resale event, head to Parliament Hall to enjoy a wide selection of clothes, from designer brands to casual wear. The route to designer value has been made even easier by a new clothing pick-up service and a layout that will effectively showcase the sheer range of styles on offer. The event will run from 6:00-8:30 pm, leaving plenty of time to browse and ponder before walking home happily, knowing your fashion sense and wallet can, for once, agree on something.


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