New Wellbeing officer to be co-opted following resignation


A new Wellbeing officer is to be co-opted at a meeting of the Student Representative Council (SRC) tonight.

A new member for students with disabilities is to be co-opted as well.

The vacancy in the Wellbeing position was caused by the resignation of Holly Johnston.

In a statement to The Saint Ms Johnston explained the reasons for her departure:

“There has been increasing tension over the past couple of months in relation to how certain sabbatical officers have been treating their line managees, and I decided to resign as I did not feel that this type of behaviour should be tolerated any longer,” she said.

Ms Johnston went to say, “Both myself and my committee expressed concern directly to those involved, but there was no effort made to change the lack of communication, among other issues, to which we became subject. Having spoken with previous and current councillors, this is not a problem that has been exclusive to my subcommittee, but is widespread across the Association.”

Ms Johnston also said that “personal issues” had been “trivialised”, making her resignation “even harder.”

However, Ms Johnston declined to name any specific incidents or individuals.

“Elected officers can only succeed in their remits with the support of those around them, and unfortunately this support was not present in my case,” Ms Johnston added.

An unnamed council member with the Students’ Association agreed with Ms Johnston saying, “The things that Holly outlines are very clearly a recurring theme, not only for Holly and her committee, but for other counsellors and officers.”

“I would say that it is the lack of communication that seems to be the main issue.”

In a statement to The Saint, the Students’ Association sabbatical team said, “We’re sorry that Holly felt the need to resign. In light of the claims she has made and to ensure that appropriate procedures were followed, the Association’s HR officer has been asked to look into the matter:

“There were no grounds and no evidence found to support claims of mismanagement and the Association is satisfied that no further action is necessary.”

The statement also noted that one of the reasons for the recent decision to split the role of Director of Representation (DoRep) was so that the role’s Wellbeing remit would receive greater attention than it currently does because of the DoRep’s large time commitments.


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