Itchy Feet is finally returning to St Andrews

itchy feet
Photo: Itchy Feet

The world of smooth talkers, suave dressers, and silver screens is coming to life on Tuesday 15 November at The Vic. The rumours, it seems, are true: Itchy Feet will be returning to St Andrews this semester.

itchy feet
Photo: Itchy Feet

In what is sure to be a welcome break from typical St Andrean nights out, Itchy Feet has planned an impressive, Sinatra-worthy line-up of swing, funk, rhythm & blues, ska, reggae, and many more classic genres. Itchy Feet first started as a vintage-themed night out. Guests took to the theme, and the event has now grown to encompass around twenty-five towns. Every year, the Itchy Feet team visits these towns to spread their happy-go-lucky retro merriment.

With the combined power of DJs and live bands, it is alternative music that rules the night at Itchy Feet events. The musically enlightened amongst us will be delighted to know that a selection of tunes, hand-picked by no other than the founder of Itchy Feet himself, Leo Bedford, is available to listen to on their homepage.

Down to earth by the very nature of its vintage theme, Itchy Feet prides itself on its disbelief in the necessity of expensive venues and fancy outfits. The team does not believe that these are the details that make a night a memorable one. Instead, they believe that “all you need for a great party is nice people, great music, and the right kind of drinks.” (An old-fashioned, anyone?)

It is a refreshing perspective to hear – particularly in a town like St Andrews, where so much of the culture is centred on balls and other formal black-tie events. Ticket prices in our town can soar to over £70, and when events of this calibre happen multiple times a month, it’s a wonder so many of them stay in business.

With tickets just under £10, Itchy Feet chooses not to align itself with the leagues of Kinkell Byre or Hotel du Vin, venues for events that are so characteristic of life here at St Andrews. The Vic may be a familiar sight, but during Itchy Feet it represents so much more than a club. Students who are looking to distance themselves from the mundane, repetitive feel of weekly nights out will be thrilled to have the opportunity to equip themselves with dancing shoes and Bolivar cigars. Guests can go full-out Humphrey Bogart-style, now able to simply let loose to the tunes of an eclectic range of tunes in a judgment-free environment.

The Vic, with its familiar feel and vintage newspaper cutouts lining the walls, is bound to be a fitting venue for everything that Itchy Feet stands for: great tunes, great drinks, and a friendly, jiving atmosphere. The venue is further perfected by its three distinctly separate sections: the pub, the club, and the terrace. Considering this, there is some-thing for everyone. The Vic is truly the perfect location for folks to either drink or dance to their heart’s content, all the while enjoying fresh beats evocative of the era when James Cagney ruled the big screens.

Early bird tickets are selling for £5 on FIXR while supplies last, and regular tickets are selling for £7. So if your feet have been itching to groove to something other than the blaring, monotone drum beats heard in the Union’s 601, then Itchy Feet is for you. Give up Ma Bells for one Tuesday. You won’t have many other chances to bust out those red lips and bombshell curls. Anyone can get down in the style of the fifties, sixties, and more; as evidenced by Hot Dub Time Machine, St Andrews loves a good throwback session.

Thanks to Itchy Feet, November is setting up to be a night that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers wouldn’t miss for the world.


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