Commuter students to gain access to accommodation

Photo: University of St Andrews
Gannochy House. Photo: Henry Legg
Gannochy House. Photo: Henry Legg

The SRC Member for Widening Access and Participation, Christopher Wilde, working with Residential and Business Services has announced that spaces in University halls are to be opened up for commuting students throughout the academic year.

Students who travel everyday can now apply for a room for “one or two nights” in University owned accommodation for £25, according to Mr Wilde.

Mr Wilde said, “St Andrews is a diverse university with students from all walks of life and interaction between students is paramount in giving all students a wide range of experiences during their time at the University.

“This exciting initiative will allow both commuting students and residential students more opportunity to meet, discuss ideas, make friends and will enhance the student experience for everyone.”

“I am grateful to the Accommodation Department for being so willing to offer accommodation to commuting students and making this possible,” Mr Wilde went on to say.

“This new policy will allow a diverse range of students, who currently find it hard to attend events that many students in the Bubble go to everyday, easier access.”

However, no accommodation will be guaranteed to commuting students, the offer is on the provision that spaces in University accommodation are available at the time.

Bookings can currently be made through the Postgraduate Booking Form on the University website with plans for an online booking system in the second semester of the 2016/17 academic year.


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