Children of Rwanda channels the 60s

children of rwanda
Photo: Children of Rwanda

One of St Andrews’ youngest charities, Children of Rwanda initially began at the University of Dundee when fourth year IR student Robbie Macmillan returned from Rwanda. Having visited the country to research his dissertation, Macmillan saw firsthand the struggles that the village children faced, particularly in obtaining food and clothes. In his final months at University, he found the Children of Rwanda, a charity designed to raise awareness and support for the young victims of poverty.

In 2014, CoR spread to St Andrews. The committee uses small scale events to fundraise on behalf of the organisation, ensuring that 100 per cent of the proceeds are put towards healthcare, education and food for the children. MacMillan recently visited St Andrews, where he reiterated his desire to increase the presence of CoR across the country – and around the world. To this end, committee members will be visiting Rwanda in January, allowing them to meet the eponymous children in person and directly contribute to the cause that they already support monetarily.

children of rwanda
Photo: Children of Rwanda

Locally, the committee will be supporting the children with the upcoming Woodstock ’69, a throwback event akin to Hot Dub Time Machine or Itchy Feet. Helmed by DJs Ahmed Shareefy and Ferdinand Vermersch, Ma Bells will transport guests through the decades, beginning with the groovy sixties and culminating in some modern day hits.

Head of Communications Danielle Stobie describes the event as encapsulating the peaceful vibe that Children of Rwanda hope stop promote. “It’s light-hearted, it’s all about peace and about love. The money raised tonight will go directly to the children who most need it.”

Early Bird tickets have already sold out; however, tickets remain available on Tilt for £6. CoR promises a completely transformed venue, featuring flower crowns and bell bottoms and tie-dyed T-shirts. Now that deadlines are subsiding, a Friday night of psychedelic fun may be the perfect relaxer before revision week sets in.


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