Bidding farewell to the DoRep

Image: Henry Legg

Beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year, the Director of Representation (DoRep) role will be split into two sabbatical offices: Director of Education (DoEd) and Director of Wellbeing (DoWell). This change, which was spearheaded by current DoRep Jack Carr, follows five years of failed attempts by previous DoReps.

The Saint would like to commend Mr Carr and the rest of the Students’ Association Board on the successful division of the DoRep role.

The DoRep’s remit, which includes both wellbeing and education, has proved overwhelming for many individuals who held the role. As Mr Carr said, “The education demands are far higher than the other areas on the present director’s time, which means that there is simply not enough hours in the working week to do justice to the other areas of the remit.”

Both elements of the DoRep’s role are essential to the student experience at the University, but as Mr Carr also pointed out, students have recently prioritised welfare.

Maintaining mental wellbeing, which has become a key concern at higher learning institutions across the country, requires effective community resources and support.

Although the University has a multitude of wellbeing resources in place, the demands of the DoRep’s education remit have prevented them from prioritising assessment and continual improvement of these resources.

This is about to change. Thanks to the introduction of the DoEd and DoWell positions, both education and welfare at our University will be given the attention they deserve. Previous DoReps have accomplished much due to the expansive nature of their remit, but it is clear that welfare and education are important enough to merit their own officers.

The splitting of the DoRep role will not weaken the impact of the Association’s work. Instead, it will allow two new officers to hone in on smaller issues that might have been overlooked by one individual overwhelmed with meetings and other administrative duties.

Association LGBT+ Officer Lewis Wood perhaps sums up the change best, saying, “It can’t be in any way detrimental for the Association to have more focus on both education and wellbeing.”


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