AEPI runs for Anthony Nolan

Photo: AEPI

Charity has long been a topic for debate. The purity of human generosity is so often corrupted by allegations of top-down giving and high pay cheques for those on the top rung of management. However, it has become very clear to me during my time so far at St Andrews that these problems are not an excuse to dismiss charity as useless: there are reasons to know who deserves the donation.

Photo: AEPI
Photo: AEPI

Anthony Nolan is one of these charities. Founded in 1974 the simple but effective tagline “saving the lives of people with blood cancer” is tribute to the focus of the Charity on palpable goals. No vague terminology plagues their website or aims, they are devoted to cutting edge research and the recruiting of donors to provide stem cells for patients with blood cancer. The charity is named after Anthony Nolan, who suffered from Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, a rare inherited blood disorder that caused him to die at the age of eight.

In service to this incredible cause the St Andrews community is once again showing its commitment to charity, this time in the form of a  33-hour-long beach run on 26 November. The non-stop runners will be made up of the Jewish Fraternity AEPI, whose £1400 raised at time of writing is an incredible achievement by anyone’s standards. However, with the target now broken and set at £2000 the push for donations continues. Every penny helps, my dear reader. So scratch that overpriced brunch, sit down with mates, and reflect on how you’ve helped save a life. You can’t say that every day.

Spread the word and donate now.


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