University issues ban on “exploding” Samsung phones in student halls


Students living in halls received an alarming email warning that the University was imposing a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The smartphone has recently been the cause of multiple fires and explosions worldwide, causing Samsung to permanently stop its production.


Over 70 per cent of the Galaxy Note 7 produced is said to be affected with a faulty battery.

Disturbing images of injured customers and destroyed phones have been breaking the internet over the last few weeks.

According to the email, the University has decided to take matters into its own hands and stated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is “no longer permitted to be used in residences and should be powered down immediately.”

The email cites “fire-related problems” as the reason behind the ban and guides students through the exchange process through the Samsung website.

Samsung, the manufacturer, is beginning to take draconian measures to ensure consumer safety and has asked all customers to power off their phones immediately. The website guides users through the recall process which gives the option to apply for a full refund or for a Samsung product swap.

However, it took over three weeks for Samsung to issue an official recall. Samsung originally began a “voluntary replacement programme” which gave customers who had not yet been affected by the fault a choice but did not limit the damages.

The Saint contacted the University for a statement regarding the recall process. The University “encourages students and staff to follow the advice given by the manufacturers”.

Other universities in UK and the US have also banned the Galaxy Note 7 on campus as a precautionary measure. Airlines such as Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Air New Zealand have also announced that they will not allow the phone on board all flights.

All students and staff should be aware of the danger of the Galaxy Note 7 and should familiarise themselves with the recall process found on the Samsung website.


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