The Saint’s Top Eight


1. High Tea

On Friday 7 October, Tea returns to The Rule for its first public event of the year. Revolutionary in concept and sound, the Tea House Mafia will bring their signature waves of sound to South Street once again.

2. The Lizard’s Finale

On Saturday 8 October, The Lizard will close. Everyone in town will flock to that light-up dance floor one final time to celebrate seven years of debauchery.

3. Crayfish Party

Always known for putting on a good party, the Scandinavian Society will occupy Forgan’s on Tuesday 11 October for their annual Crayfish Party.

4. Winning Women

On Wednesday 12 October, the Lumsden Club will host its second Winning Women Conference, featuring a range of powerful female speakers from around the world.

5. Sassy Coconut Supper Club

On Thursday 6 October, the Sassy Coconut will host its inaugural supper club. The vegan food service has promised a night of healthy, delicious fun.

6. Whiskey Tasting

On Thursday 6 October, the St Andrews Whisky Society will be joined by Whyte & Mackay for its next tasting.

7. Sinners

A welcome presence in The Union, Sinners will make its monthly appearance on Wednesday 5 October.

8. DONT WALK at The Vic

On Thursday 6 October, DONT WALK will host its fortnightly Vic night. Promising new music and an edgy atmosphere, the event is the place to be this Thursday night.


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