Recounting Raisin Revenge

raisin costume
Photo: Harry Gunning

I woke up, luxuriously, to the sound of freshers running around outside. One steaming cup of coffee later, I was ready for Raisin Revenge. This meant donning a bikini and a tacky beach shirt.

My academic siblings and I walked to East Sands, narrowly avoiding blindfolded freshers in animal onesies and flinching when one almost stepped on the PH. Once we reached East Sands, we started setting up the stage for our revenge. Our theme was Beach Boys, so any academic parent not dressed in funky beach attire was issued a punishment shot. Because of the summer-like theme, the beach seemed the perfect spot; however, Scotland did not agree, and we were almost blown away as we made a piña colada bowl and set up shot roulette.

raisin costume
Photo: Harry Gunning

Our parents were welcomed with a rum shot each and were then subjected to two rounds of shot roulette. The lucky ones got shots of water, whereas the rest had to make do with a shot of either white rum or mango flavoured vodka. There were complaints, as the icy weather and beach dress did not see eye-to-eye. We decided to forego our previous plans of daring the parents to do an early May Dip and went with a shot relay instead.

The object of the game was for the parents to sprint towards the finish line while taking a shot at each pit stop along the way. The team that won would get another shot each, while the losing team received a spoonful of Spam. Our alcohol blankets did not seem to be working, so we eventually decided to relocate our shivering bodies to a warmer climate.

Once we had settled into a flat, we once again set up our merchandise and began a game of “Most Likely.” Following this spirited session, we commenced with Stairway to Hell. Twenty steps of shots (with some Oreos thrown in for good measure) lay before the parents, with us kids jeering them on all the while.

After the game, parents and children alike stumbled back up to the flat, where we decided to order Dominoes in typical day-drunk fashion. Unsurprisingly, the pizza took about an hour and the driver got lost. Meanwhile, we started the card drinking games. After multiple rounds of Flip the Bottle and an abandoned game of Ring of Fire, we hit the streets and headed to Burger to indulge our drunken states.

One impulsive decision later, we once again found ourselves on East Sands, this time with the sun shining. We all stripped –– some in bikinis, some in underwear – held hands and took the plunge into the cold Scottish waters. Dripping and barefooted, we made our way back to town, academic children and parents reconciled and blessed with sea spray. On ‘till next year, when kids become parents and parents become grandparents.


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