Masquerade Ball cancelled due to fears of flooding risk

masquerade ball 2015
Photo: Sammi Ciardi
masquerade ball 2015
Photo: Sammi Ciardi

The St Andrews Charity Campaign’s Masquerade Ball has been cancelled and remodelled into a dinner and club night. The changes come as a result of concerns over flooding at the site of the ball, according to the ball’s convener, Jessica Whiteley.

Ms Whiteley  confirmed  to The Saint that the Charities Campaign did not want to “take the risk” of flooding seen at the previous venue, Pond Site. The event has now been moved to two indoor venues: Balgrove Larder and Bar 601. The Charities Campaign have rebranded the original Masquerade theme to a ‘Masque-Rave’ evening, with a club evening at Bar 601.

However, the ball’s cancellation may also be due to concerns that the large number of other balls in November would mean that the event might not have been as successful as it has previously been. Indeed, Xavier Ball was also recently cancelled due to funding issues from a lack of ticket sales compared to previous years.

Ms Whitely confirmed to The Saint that the changes were also made due to concerns that the event would just be “another November ball.”

The high  influx of events  in November, including Welly Ball and the St Andrews Day Ball, led to the decision to reshape traditional ideas. Ms Whiteley states that the change was “not that controversial” and that the aim of the organisers is to focus on the future – and not on previous balls.

Kristen Tsubota, Charities Officer, spoke to The Saint about the event. According to Ms Tsubota, “the new location offers more of a festival and casual vibe, while still offering a night that will be filled with great music, dancing and food. It’s a fresh take on how to throw a massive party in St Andrews.”

The new event will raise money for the Charities Campaign’s three chosen charities: Women for Women International, The Anthony Nolan Trust, and Frontline Fife. The event has announced that it will deliver an “over the top” night with the same “high energy” that the ball promised.



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