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Amidst the hullabaloo of Freshers’ Week: sports give-it-a-gos, society intro meetings, and moving in and settling down to a new year at university, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair hosted their first St Andrews Affordable Vintage Fair of the year on Sunday 18 September. The pop up fair was received with much praise and excitement, and proved incredibly successful and satisfying for anyone searching for one-of-a-kind, last minute back-to-school shopping deals. With a small entry fee of £2, students had access to a plethora of clothing goods, including coats, jewellery, handbags, and more. The fair featured stalls from all over the country, some local and others from outside of Scotland.

Along with this geographical variety, the fair as a whole had large quantities of clothing for students and locals to peruse with ease. As promised on their Facebook event, there was a range of clothing from different eras that suited different styles as well as budgets. Prints and patterns varied from floral to leopard print, and styles and cuts of the clothing were truly unique. Some highlights included shoulder-padded bomber jackets, and cutesy, 50s style swing dresses, just to name a few.

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According to student and avid thrifter Kirsty Sharp, “[The fair] was an eclectic mix, with varying prices for different budgets. People were also willing to reduce prices if you haggled, as it was busy with students and townspeople too.” Furthermore, if you were a newcomer to thrift shopping, the fair was easy to navigate and explore, as it included a variety of the typical thrifted Levi’s and bomber jackets, to some stand-out, antique gems. As Ms. Sharp said, “You would not be missed walking into the Main Bar wearing some of those pieces…” Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair were also successful in keeping up with the latest trend of ‘athleisure’: casually worn athletic and sportswear. There was an array of caps, windbreakers, and perhaps most exciting to some, Adidas branded gear. “It was an Adidas junkies heaven!” Ms. Sharp confessed.

The fair did a good job of bringing both the vintage shopping experience and appeal of finding stand out clothing to the bubble. Whether you were looking to add to your collection of skinnies and band tees, or perhaps looking for that one statement piece to help create the ‘new you’, Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair did not disappoint and came equipped with trendy, affordable, and assorted pieces.

Look out for more pop up vintage fairs to come in St Andrews, and perhaps make it a day of shopping with some pals, all in the safety and comfort of the St Andrews Student Union.


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