The Springboks do it again


As dusk settled over the Scottish scenery, the Springboks gathered at Balgove Larder to present us with an outstanding event. With the smell of freshly grilled meat on the breeze, the South African braai* spirit was definitely present. A variety of students milled about the Larder, enjoying the last rays of the September sun while holding jugs of Pimms and trays of Springbok shots.

As the sun set, food was served, giving you time to down that last drop in your cup before settling down in the barn with your boerie roll*. The meal was excellent: it was done in typical South African fashion, with a Boerewors roll, mielies* and grilled potatoes. The Saffa* flavours were all present, with bottles of Mrs. Balls chutney and All Gold Tomato sauce lining the bar — braai is never complete without a dollop of each.

springboks balgove steak barn
Photo: Springboks

The venue, as always, was the prime spot for this event. The communal tables and boma aesthetic of the Balgove Larder gave one the chance to relax and chat with mates, as well as meet the unknown entities that have decided to sit at the other end of your table. Generally, the venue inspires a laid-back and friendly atmosphere that every braai needs.

Each guest was given two tokens in advance: one for food and one for drink. The drink cards, I feel, might have required a bit more explanation, as there was some confusion as to what was included with the token. Overall, the novelty of receiving a free drink was still there.

And what is an event without music? DJs Theresa St Goar and Joe Grimeh kept the good feelings flowing with great sets that had everyone dancing around the central bonfire. The sets could have included more actual South African songs being played, as this was a South African society event. This oversight did not, however, prevent anyone from jolling* as hard as if they had.

All in all, the night was one the society can be proud of, and it should definitely be marked in your calendars for next year.

*braai = BBQ
*mielies = corn on the cob
*Saffa = South African
*jolling = partying/jamming


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