The Saint’s Top 8


1. Opening Ball

On Friday 30 September, Opening Ball will make an indelible impression on over one thousand attendees. The first black tie event of the year, the ball is a much anticipated yearly fixture. We can expect champagne, ice cream and much more from Ball Convenor Tom Higginson and the rest of The Kate Kennedy Club.

2. Varsity

On Saturday 24 September, the oldest rugby rivalry in Scotland will take centre stage as St Andrews and Edinburgh go head-to-head at the Murrayfield Stadium. As tickets are free, there is no excuse to not show some St Andrews pride this weekend.

3. Feminist Welcome Tea

Also on Saturday 24 September, the Feminist Society of St Andrews will be making introductions at Bibi’s Cafe on North Street. The social is an opportunity for any interested individuals to chat about women’s rights and learn more about the society.

4. Afterhours

On Friday 23 September, Management Society returns with its always enjoyable Afterhours social at the Old Course Hotel. Featuring prosecco and great conversation, the event is open to students of all degrees.

5. 24 Play Festival

On Friday 23 September, Mermaids invite any aspiring directors, writers or stagehands to the Barron Theatre for an intensive course on creating a play. In the span of 24 hours, you will go from a blank page to having a play ready for execution on Saturday evening.

6. SAUCU Ceilidh

On Friday 23 September, the St Andrews Christian Union will give us a taste of some classic Scottish fun. Regardless of religion, anyone can enjoy some traditional ceilidh dancing before a Q&A session with the society’s members.

7. Race2Prague Info Night

After their recent victory at the RAG Conference, the Charities Campaign is preparing for another exciting year. If anyone is interested in the latest Race2, you are advised to attend the information session on Tuesday 27 September.

8. Roundtable Discussion

On Saturday 24 September, the International Politics Association and the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics will partner for a discussion chaired by Profesor Pascale Fournier of the University of Ottowa. Be sure to snag one of the limited tickets to reserve your place for this discussion on theology with experts on the subject.


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