Sandy McKenzie statue nearly stolen from Union

Photo credit: Daniel Palmer

The statue of the late Union bar manager, Sandy McKenzie, was nearly stolen from the bar named in his honour late last night (2 September).

A female, thought to be a student, managed to take the statue from the Union before she was confronted by two other students who returned it that night.

In a post on the Overheard in St Andrews Facebook page, Evening Porter Amanda Barnes said, “Late last year we lost a very much loved and admired member of staff at the union. Sandy McKenzie.

“This is our first freshers week without this larger than life man at our sides. Sandy got a bar named after him, that’s how much he was loved, not only by staff but by many, many students and locals too.

“In Sandy’s bar we have ties and his beloved Dundee football tops adorning the walls. We also have a small statue of the man himself.

“Some female student tonight stole the statue whilst staff were very busy serving customers. Another female student approached our security staff and gave them a description of the thief, unfortunately they were unable to track her down and she left the building.

“Two male students were on their way to the union when they saw the female in the street showing off her prize….They approached her and said they knew exactly where that had come from and took it off her and returned it to us at the union.

“So female in question I hope you read this and feel very ashamed of your behaviour. It was a disgusting thing to do.

“To the two young gentlemen who brought the statue back to its rightful place, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a fantastic thing to do.”



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