Fighting Freshers’ flu: a playlist for surviving week two


It’s week two, and you’re feeling a little worse for wear. You’ve almost run out of the parental stock-up of your fridge from the start of term, as well as clean underwear. There’s also a dawning realisation that you’re actually going to have to read and do things whilst you’re here. To top that off, you’ve become a walking cliche and contraced the infamous Freshers’ flu. Now, I’m not claiming this playlist will cure you, but depending on your mood it’ll do a lot to either bring you up or allow you to wallow in self pity and soup.

When you’re ill and bedridden, listening to some upbeat numbers can remind you of a time when physical movement was something you en- joyed. You’re young, wild and free, so have a little dance to shake off those blues. Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld is the first number you should go for, and don’t be put off by her tween reputation. The song is incredibly catchy, and you just try listening to the stirring chorus of “I love myself, HEY” without joining in. Next is False Alarm by the incredible raw vocal talent of Becky Hill. It sounds like summer; with an irrepressible beat and great electronic drop, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for something a little cheeky, look no further than Get You Alone, penned by Jay Bovino of Australian band Sheppard. Sahara Beck, another Aussie musician with a bluesy voice, is an unusual pairing for this house number, but it oddly works. On that note, if you haven’t listened to Beck, do yourself a favour and listen. Check out Oh Little Boy and C’mon Man, You’re Dead. These songs are invigorating, too, but in the same way that Johnny Cash can be, it’s foot-tapping good.

Now let’s move on to those of you who are feeling a little sensitive and in need of TLC. The following songs should basically make you feel as if you’re floating on a serene cloud whilst David Attenborough comments softly on the passing landscape.

Paradisia is a relatively new band made up of three French girls from London. One adds stunning melodic lines on the harp and overall, the band’s harmonies and blend are perfection reminiscent of a young Fleetwood Mac. Paradisia recently supported Carole King and Tom Jones at Festivals in the Summer, as well as Paulo Nutini’s recent UK tour. Listen to their cover of Dancing in the Dark and their original EP, Silent Lover. They’re the kind of band that makes you feel happy and should soften the harsh light of day for your overly sensitive ill senses.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In lieu of your parents/loved ones taking care of you, Noah Gunderson’s Honest Songs reminisces on the complex tenderness of family and should temporarily fill that hole. A song that’s hitting the charts at the moment is Ruth B’s Lost Boy, which will make you feel like a kid again. It features lines like, “I am a lost boy from Neverland/ Usually hanging out with Peter Pan.” The simple orchestration and the lovely narrative, probably exacerbated by feelings of nostalgia, should soothe that sinus sadness.

Lastly, is an absolute classic: Bill Withers’ Ain’t No Sunshine. You know it, you love it and it’s probably going to remind you of a Richard Curtis movie, so how could you possibly feel ill after these mood-altering magic tracks?

Genuinely, though, music has been proven to improve mood and brain function in a recent study by the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and they actually know what they’re talking about. So, what are you still doing reading this? Get listening, and shake those blues off or mellow in their depths.


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