Boerie rolls and lekker jols: a preview of Springboks


Upcoming in Week 2, with just enough time for you to get over this year’s bout of Freshers’ flu, the Springbok’s South African society is hosting their annual Balgove Braai* on Tuesday 20 September.

For those of you not in the know, this previously sold-out event brings the laid-back, typically Saffa* braai to the Bubble – in other words, no ball gowns required!

With each ticket you are entitled to a Boerewors roll (similar to a Bratwurst, but so much better!), a pint of beer and a Springbok shot. Great food and booze do not an event make, so you can also look forward to seeing DJ Joe Grimeh on the decks, as well as DJ Teresa St Goar, a new face on the St Andrews music scene.

Last year, the society provided us with two events, one having a more formal atmosphere. This year, however, they have decided to focus solely on the casual braai. This will, therefore, be your one and only chance to get a Springbok shot tray this year (unless you have magically found peppermint liqueur somewhere else in this town.) It’s the perfect event if you want to get out of town for a bit and have a lekker* jol* with your mates.

*braai = BBQ

*Saffa = South African

*lekker = fun

*jol = party/rave

Featured photo: St Andrews South African Society


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