An ode to Coldplay

Photograph: Stoyan Nenov/Reuters

After recent political decisions, Europe has been left divided and the UK has been struck with instability. In all this chaos and confusion, there has been one band who has kept the ‘Great’ in Great Britain and who has filled my musical world with unrestrained joy. Coldplay is a band as British as they come, destined for festival stages but with a perfect feel-good, effortless charm and enjoyably catchy vibe. I ask you to simply put aside any music snobbery you have in your heart and learn to accept that Coldplay is one of the greatest bands of our generation.

Photograph: © Stoyan Nenov / Reuters
Photograph: © Stoyan Nenov / Reuters

Their storming of the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury this year is incontrovertible evidence of their prowess. Their full-blown gusto, outstanding set list and crowd-loving chat wouldn’t even allow Beyoncé to steal their limelight. If, however you have not been fortunate enough to watch the euphoric 98-minute performance, I would firstly urge you to do so but if you are in a far-fetched land this summer where The Saint is your only connection with the outside world, here are some highlights.

Chris Martin burst onto the stage oozing love for the crowd, thanking them for making it through the rain and being “brave and wonderful” whilst kissing the floor of the stage. Coldplay’s familiarity was so welcome to a crowd who’d suffered through a turbulent weekend and were about to be revitalised by a classics-filled, sing-a-long set. However, nothing about Coldplay’s set was predictable. They have masterfully adapted their older tracks to fit with the synthesised vibe a festival needs. Later, with a technical hitch, they adapted and created the most wonderful acoustic moment.

Photograph: © Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images
Photograph: © Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

However, despite their international fame and the simple fact they were headlining the biggest festival in the world, Coldplay remained modest and paid tribute to British indie rock band, Viola Beach, all of whom tragically died in a car crash in February, giving them their festival moment that all bands dream of. The stage generosity didn’t stop there as the group welcomed on Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees to try their hand at some disco with one of its pioneers. Who knew they could do disco? Not me. They followed this by inviting Glastonbury’s founder to join them in an organic rendition of ‘My Way’ and people adored it.

While acts earlier in the weekend managed to incorporate the same emotion and established set list, Coldplay’s guests, funky light show and referendum jokes made them a stand out at this year’s festival. Considering this was their 4th time at Glastonbury, they have mastered their technique but even managed to exceed all our expectations. Coldplay are the only band to raise the morale of 175,00 festival goers who had endured the rain and the mud, not to mention the “carnage [and] basically the collapse of the country”.


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