The Vic wishes us a sweet Summer Sixteen


As we crested the culmination of the second semester exam diet, many of us took last Thursday as the chance to say our drunken farewells to the streets that we have stumbled upon, to the acquaintances we vaguely know from the library, and to the late night takeaway places that will soon grow quiet in our wake. As the Fairmont hosted the Sports Ball, the athletically-disinclined segment of St Andrews remained in town for a classic Vic venture, bearing the topical title of Summer Sixteen. Regardless of year or nationality, everyone emerged with a reason for one final hurrah: Underaged Americans stood on the cusp of three sober months, while fourth years were faced with the bittersweet taste of their last Pablo. First years celebrated a year of sevens, second years hovered at the gateway to honours. Meanwhile, third years drank heavily.

Photo: 3Point Media
Photo: 3Point Media

The night sought to showcase the music that will define our summer parties. Lemonade, Views, and Konnichiwa all featured throughout the evening, a marked change from the throwbacks usually associated with a Thursday at the Vic. Fitting neatly with the theme of graduation and goodbyes, Summer Sixteen looked to the future rather than to the past, replacing nostalgia with anticipation. As the last Big Night Out for most students, the event served as our final opportunity to dance to tunes that will ineluctably be out-of-date upon our return in September.

Music being a crucial component of any dancefloor, the DJs ensured a steady stream of hits that kept the Vic at capacity from the late night to the early morning. In the main room, DJ FLO performed alongside LNTC and JP, a partnership that has spanned from Ma Bells to the Rule over the course of the past year. James Peel (the JP of the LNTC vs JP duo) particularly impressed as he fostered an infectious level of enthusiasm throughout his time spent behind the DJ booth, playing an especially felicitous Beyoncé throwback at the evening’s end. Event attendee Melanie Gray, herself a longtime fan of the Vic, also prompted praise for the aural appearance of Kaytranada, whose 99.9% has recently started making the rounds in clubs.

Photo: 3Point Media
Photo: 3Point Media

Summer Sixteen falls under the umbrella of events managed by Folarin Coker, known to local night owl’s as DJ FLO. Alongside a team of DJs and promoters, Folarin has overseen the launches of Tea House and Heat, recurring events that will continue at the Rule next year. The 2016 / 2017 school year will also see the development of further Ma Bells-based events.

The events of this previous year bode well for the future of FLO’s team: Rather than entering the territory of the ersatz and the indistinguishable, each event differentiates itself in mood, music and branding. Alongside his fellow DJs, FLO has helped to boost a burgeoning night scene in St Andrews, seeking to provide us with nights that can be separated from a standard evening out. Having yet to play to anything less than a full house, the team will surely continue to deliver throughout next year.


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