Willie Rennie in clash with Amazon over Fife warehouse

Credit: Mike Pennington

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and candidate for North East Fife in the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections, Willie Rennie has condemned Amazon over the fact that it pays its workers £7.20 an hour, rather than the Scottish ‘Living Wage’ of £8.25 an hour. Following these claims Mr. Rennie’s planned visit to the Dunfermline base was cancelled.

Speaking to The Saint, a spokesperson for Mr Rennie, “Whether we are talking about pay, or other terms and conditions, workers must be treated fairly by their employers.”

In a recent interview with the Liberal Democratic Voice, the independent online website for Liberal Democrat supporters, Mr. Rennie stated that, “The national minimum wage is not nearly enough to cover life essentials and businesses should be paying their staff at least the Living Wage.

Mr Rennie has said that: “It is up to businesses to set pay rates, but governments should not be providing financial support to companies who fail to pay the Living Wage.”

Mr Rennie has, at a Scottish party leaders debate at Dundee University in January, previously said, “Fife would be far better off if we had invested in home-grown industries rather than chasing tax-dodging companies,” in reference to allegations over the amount of tax Amazon pays.

In regards to the upcoming elections, the spokesperson also told The Saint that: “The Liberal Democrat manifesto for this election will include a commitment that we will never dole out government bonuses to big businesses like Amazon that do not pay at least the Living Wage.”


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