The Vic’s Jasmine Tea surpasses its launch event in both size and hype


On Thursday night, Hip Hop and Trap were the bread and butter of the second iteration of Tea House. Boasting its own snapchat filter and a queue down the street, Jasmine Tea surpassed the brand’s launch event in both size and hype. Just as the launch had a simultaneous Sinners to contend with, the 7th of April featured events on at the Lizard and the Union, two worthy competitors. The Vic proved victorious, however, as evidenced by a venue crammed to capacity until closing time.

Tea House bills itself as “straight tea,” a mishmash of genres that range from crowd favourites to throwbacks to steady beats that kept the two dancefloors alive from midnight onwards. Early arrivals were drawn to the main bar, where DJ FLO addressed the room in between tracks and promptly attracted a sizeable throng of dancers. He was accompanied by DJ duo LTNC and JEP (also known as Leo Clayton and James Peel), familiar to attendees of Tea House’s launch event. DJ Kojo, also resident at the previous Tea, provided the soundtrack for the social club as the head count in the venue increased.

Although many events arrive in St Andrews with the intent of becoming tradition, most tend to fizzle out following their purported “launch,” never to be heard from again (Winky Wednesday comes to mind). In the case of Tea House, the Vic appears to have hosted the genesis of a successful brand that they may add to their regularly anticipated nights: Throwback Thursday, BYOV, and now Tea House have the ability to draw crowds on otherwise quiet evenings – in this case, an unremarkable Thursday in the midst of deadlines.

Fortunately, Tea House will have no shortage of potential names for their future events. Having witnessed the triumph of Jasmine Tea, we may now sip our Twinings and hope for a Peppermint, Earl Grey, or Oolong themed night before the year’s end.


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