The Saint’s guide to hidden local businesses

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The family-run business Munch opened in 2011, branching out from its original home in Cupar. Since then, it has cemented its place as one of the freshest spots to grab a lunch-time snack. Munch offers a delectable range of filled baguettes, rolls, paninis, burgers and sandwiches with a wide variety of mouthwatering fillings.

Munch opens at 7 am and has a great looking breakfast menu, including “probably the best bacon roll in the world” to start your day on the right track.

The spacious premises also contain a large fridge full of chilled drinks to quench your thirst when—or rather if—the summer weather arrives. For rainy days, there is a bar and stools for you to sit in and enjoy your food.

Munch really comes into its own, however, with its order ahead system. Perfect for the busy student lifestyle, it allows you to place an order online with an interactive menu. You can choose from a diverse list of rolls and baguettes with fillings such as chicken tikka and sliced cheddar.

Alternatively, there is great selection of themed burgers, including the Mexican burger with Mexicana cheese and guacamole or the Italian burger with mozzarella and pesto. Rolls and baguettes are £2.20, while burgers range in price, costing up to around £3 (still fantastic value).

After selecting your main course, you can order soft drinks and ‘healthy’ sides such as chips, cake, crisps or chocolate. Place your order, and it should be waiting for you upon arrival. Like the business as a whole, this is a fantastic system for the busy student and is superb value for money.

Munch is located at 209 South Street (the West Port end) and is open from 7 am to 3:30 pm.

Master’s Masala

The new kid on the block when it comes to fast food takeaway, Master’s Masala specialises in halal Indian food.

Publicity for the restaurant, which crept into existence at the beginning of the month, has been fairly limited. But trust me—it does exist, and it can be found on Pipeland Road next to the park and bowling club.

Inside, Master’s’ compact premise is stylish, and there is a comfortable bench where you can sit while your food is being prepared. Though cooked fresh to order, waiting times seem reasonably short, and the staff is very friendly.

In terms of food, classic tandoori dishes come in at around £11, while common sides such as pakoras, bhajis and samosas are £3-4; burger wraps are also available for a similar price. A portion of chips is £2.50, or you can get a cheeseburger, chips and cold drink all for £5.

If you don’t mind a somewhat reduced lifespan, Master’s also offers a munchy box for £11.

Quality is comparable to that of Dervish and Empire, making Master’s Masala the perfect late night takeout spot, especially for those living in the Badlands.

Other places of note

The classic Badlands takeaway joint is, of course, Dino’s, which offers everything a classic takeaway should. Featuring the cheapest fresh fish supper in town and home delivery within a 5-mile radius, it is certainly worth consideration. Note, however, that some have voiced reservations regarding the service and quality of some dishes.

If you know about Dino’s, you’ll also know about SPAR supermarket nearby. It’s a cheaper alternative to the supermarkets found on Market Street, and it also contains a mini Subway outlet.

The Byre Theatre is a common location for events throughout the year, but it is also a great place to come during the day, whether it’s to study or just chill out on some very comfortable sofas.

The Byre offers reasonably priced hot drinks, made even cheaper with a student discount and a loyalty card giving you a tenth beverage for free. It also has eduroam Wi-Fi network, making it a great place to work on a never-ending cycle of tutorial readings and essays.


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