Sitara*: a style micro-reflection of one of St Andrews most exciting, cultural experiences this semester


Sitara* unquestionably upheld its objective to “display the beauty and elegance of Asian culture through vibrant fashion and performance.” A pre-release of photos introduced the audience to the models in the intimacy of their daily lives. Within their own flats, the photos portrayed casual moments of fitness, food, and festivities. Though glamorous in their everyday element, the photo shoot produced a second perspective. From endless racks of carefully selected garments to candid shots of hair and makeup, in the hours preceding the show, enticing and insightful glimpses into the behind the scenes drew interest.

sitara 2


The runway featured an intriguing parallel between modern pieces of unique concept and stunning traditional wears. Dresses themselves appeared artworks, seemingly moving sculptures. Layers of lush ruffles, sheer intricacies, textured tulle, and glistening embellishments fashioned simply exquisite ensembles. The clean lines and inspired embroidery of Atsu Sekhose, shone through as the models represented her works. Patches of floral designs and even butterfly prints and polka dots made appearances throughout the night. The gentlemen notably donned distinctly bespoke suits in intricate patterns; most notably a light blue printed suit of caged birds and free flying birds and red lobsters, respectively. Straight from the Grönberg lookbook, some of the gentlemen wore the distinctive black and white works of London based Philip Grönberg. Models sported radiant red and denim shorts during the choreographed dance portion of the show. More neutral tones, inclusive of pale pinks, milky greys, and soften whites, contrasted rich jewels and illuminating accents. Brilliant colors, specifically of warmer hues, certainly peppered the runway; peach, burgundy, violet, and scarlet added complexity to the runway’s color palette. Black pumps seemed the runway standard. A portion of leotards and lingerie emphasized the models’ adornments of festive beaded necklaces and jewels.

sitara 1

Attendees embraced the energy of the evening and the vibrant expression of the show.  Jumpsuits, in a variety of cuts, were irrefutably popular and playful. The night certainly sparkled both on and off the runway with a sampling of sequins, rhinestones, and metallic materials. From velvet and leather to crêpe and linen, partygoers mixed a vast array of textures subsequently structuring an eclectic composition. Crop tops and even mere bralettes paired with culottes, wide legged trousers, and smart shorts introduced an exchange of black and earth tones; individuals accessorized these ensembles with chunky, yet tasteful costume jewels. Such trendy selections starkly contrasted noticeably shorter hemlines. Bold prints in refreshing spring hues created an appealing color palette. Color blocking proved effective and exciting. Blue, in a spectrum of shades, fascinated the eye while rivaling the monotony of the standard black dress; cobalt blue suede heels and midnight blue pillbox purses illustrate the blue spectrum extended to accessories. Less common, yet adventurous accessories included belts and large earrings. Ladies presented an interesting interplay between necklines and necklaces. At a crossroads between seasons, shoe selections ranged from sandals to boots. Captivating fashions and extraordinary vitality structured a stylishly dynamic evening.


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