Re: fashion a sustainable success for shoppers and sellers


Re: Fashion is a semi-annual event that promotes sustainability. It is a pop-store that offers a mix between thrift and hand-me-down clothing, giving students an opportunity to sell their unwanted clothing and buy under-priced fashion. At Parliament Hall on 11 April 2016, St Andreans took to town on a cool Monday evening to get the best of best shopping deals.

When I walked through the doors of Parliament Hall, I walked into a wonderland of fashion thrift. Guests immediately encountered a row of accessories, which included handbags/ wallets from River Island, White Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses for £50, and funky hot pink New Look platform heels. My personal favourite is my new lace cropped cami from Missguided, which I brought for £6.

refashion 2
Photo by: Lorelei Pfeffer

Immediately preceding the arrangement of accessories was an assortment of trousers. Whether you were in need of harem pants for your next trip to Morocco or wanted to add a little rock & roll flare to your style with black leather pants, re: fashion had that for you.

The organization had many bags worth of pant styles – so many that trousers were being replenished on a regular basis as they sold. It’s no wonder that students were drawn to buying new trousers since various pant styles sold for a low price of £8 or more.

Needed a new dress for May Ball? Re: fashion had you covered. As St Andrews is known for its many evening balls, re: fashion was the perfect place to get a gown of luxury for a small price. Why go to TOPSHOP or order a dress from, when you can get the price you want and deserve at re: fashion? This was also a perfect opportunity for sellers to make a profit and buy new evening dresses for themselves because let’s face it: we all enjoy the luxury of wearing a new cocktail dress at every event we attend.

Photo by: Lorelei Pfeffer

The organization also showed that it’s never too late to start planning your wardrobe for the fall. They sold sweaters and coats from Zara, H&M, and many other brands. Re: fashion also offered beautiful leather jackets and spring coats – perfect for a spring St Andrews, no?

To enhance your shopping experience, re: fashion teamed up with Plan St Andrews and Almond & Bakery who sold hand-pressed juices and homemade macarons. Perfectly placed beside the table of luxury items, shoppers embraced their inner Blair Waldorf as they ate Almond & Meringue’s delicious cookies & cream macaroon and shopped for their new Givenchy.

Photo by: Lorelei Pfeffer

If you are looking to make some extra money from unwanted clothing (or are an international student who wants to make a profit out of the clothing they can’t fit in their suitcase) then you should consider becoming a seller for re: fashion. Girls AND Boys can sell! Students who participate receive 70% of the profit made and have the ability of getting their clothes picked up from their doorstep. If their clothes do not sell, it is completely up to the sellers what they wish to do with their unsold clothes. If they choose not to keep them, re: fashion donates the unwanted items to Save the Children, an international organization based in the United Kingdom that strives to help vulnerable children.

Want to make a profit from your unwanted clothes? Want to get that perfect ball dress while not breaking the bank? if yes, then keep an eye out for the organization’s next event and re: fashion.


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