Police warn students after multiple bike thefts in town

A sudden spike in bike thefts in and around the town centre of St Andrews in the past four weeks has led to a police investigation. The thefts have predominately taken place near to student accommodation.
Local officers are carrying out inquiries to trace those responsible including the review of available public and private space CCTV and are urging the public to be vigilant.
Community Ward Sergeant Pat Turner said: “Some of the stolen cycles had been left unsecured, but a number had their security chains cut prior to being stolen.
“This and the fact that the cycles were taken from public areas shows that the thieves came prepared and are willing to risk being caught in order to obtain property that does not belong to them.
“I would ask local residents and visitors alike to continue to be vigilant with regards to their property and assist us wherever possible to catch those responsible for these crimes.”
Liam Clegg, a first year seology student, said of his bike being stolen, “It was midnight Saturday night
last weekend and I went into the Old Course Golf Hotel, and one of the hotel employees came in saying that someone had cycled off on my bike.
“I found out that the guy apparently fell off half way down the hill and his watch fell off too. It happened outside a hotel where no one was even around and I was only inside the hotel for around five minutes. I’m more annoyed than anything.
“I spoke to the police and they’ve been very nice and supportive and have promised to help look for it and who took it.”
Mark Ng, a first year medicine student also experienced his bike being stolen two weeks ago when he was in class. He told The Saint, “I’m really upset because my bike was even locked but that didn’t deter whoever took it.
I parked it outside the medicine building and it was in the evening that I realised it was gone, it had been outside the building the whole day.
“The first thing I did was call the police to report it missing and I also told my friends that they should keep a look out for it if they see anyone riding it or see it around town.
“I can’t believe that they took my bike when it was locked. I’m scared that it will happen to other people too.”
Anyone with any information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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