J.S Bach: Mass in B Minor Reviewed


St Salvator’s Chapel Choir never fails to impress. Featuring the Kellie Consort, The Fitzwilliam String Quartet and conducted by Tom Wilkinson, once again they blew us away and delivered a truly hair-raising, beautiful rendition of Bach’s Great Mass in B Minor as part of the On the Rocks Festival.


There was something so incredibly atmospheric, about the whole event; the chapel shuddering with intensity.


It would be unjust to select individual members of the choir for honourable mention as together, their voices melted into a single, warm, heavenly mash of lyrical delight, perfectly enunciated and beautifully sung.


The melodic nature of Bach’s work and the extraordinary vocal gymnastics make his work, like Handel’s, particularly challenging for performers. However, the choir was not phased and delivered an exceptional performance.


My only regret was that on leaving, I forgot to pick up a copy of the choir’s fantastic new CD.


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