Editorial: Brexit: an argument worth weighing in on


Prior to the upcoming EU referendum, The Saint has tried to show you every side of the Brexit debate. We have laid out the facts about the upcoming 23 June referendum, with articles across many of our sections, including news, features and viewpoint. Our aim has been to give you as much information as possible on the issues being debated to ensure you are able make an informed decision come polling day.

Locally, this is an issue which will have an impact on every student at our university. A Brexit will mean that EU students will have to start paying £16,960 in tuition [the standard rate for international students] and that the opportunities to study abroad within the EU for UK students will face a dramatic decline. Crucially, as a result, the diversity of our student body will suffer. If the effects of a Brexit will be felt this profoundly in the microcosm of our town, we should consider how far-reaching its implications will be nationwide.

Nationally, analyses conducted by the IMF and Bank of England amongst others, predict a severe economic downturn in Britain following a vote to leave. With every student in the Bubble preparing to enter the world of employment within the next few years, the figures being reported are cause for alarm. We must ask ourselves whether a gain in sovereignty is worth the high unemployment risks that will most likely accompany it.

Globally, a call to leave the EU seems rash. The problems of our generation are international, therefore their solutions will require international cooperation.

Globalization came as a shock to our parents’ generation. We are not in a better position to predict how the world will continue to change than they were. Surely, unity, as a guiding principle, will serve as a strength rather than a weakness when future problems arise.

The Saint has conducted interviews with students on both sides of the topic, hosted a referendum debate, and analysed the impact of a Brexit upon the University itself.

However, we can only do so much. We want to emphasize the importance of staying informed and voting in the referendum, regardless of whether you are supporting Leave or Remain.

This may well be the most important political and economic decision of our generation, and regardless of how the vote turns out, it will have a long-standing impact on the UK’s orientation towards the international stage. As students of an international community, each one of us will be personally affected by the result of the vote on June 23. Therefore, we cannot let apathy or a lack of information become the predominant themes of the vote.

After considering both the potential benefits and pitfalls of a Brexit, The Saint has decided to support the Remain campaign. We believe that the interests of our university as well as its student body are best served if the UK remains a member of the European Union.

We will conclude by urging all eligible students to register to vote, whatever your opinion. The deadline for registration is fast approaching. Visit https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote to register.


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