Dance Society prepares to stage ‘Inside Out’


Dance Society’s annual show returns to The Byre Theatre this week, entitled ‘Inside Out.’ Following on from last year’s story-telling theme, this year is sure to provide plenty of material to spark the imagination during revision week.


The main theme was split into three sub-categories that are drawn from throughout the show. Firstly, the creative – the idea of bringing the things inside one’s head out, including imagination and dreams. Secondly, cycles – incorporating cycles in time and motion including the idea of looking at something from both sides and of coming back around to an idea from the other side. Finally, the concept of contrast, looking at how the many sides or faces of an idea can differ.


The show will feature ten styles of dance and over twenty different choreographers. The cast comprises of over 150 dancers and promises to be the biggest student show staged at the Byre this year.


K-Pop class rehearses at tech rehearsal
K-Pop class rehearses at tech rehearsal

The Show Director, Audrey Covert, who also produced the highly successful The Phrase during On the Rocks said of the show, “DanceSoc’s end of year show this year is called ‘Inside Out’. Each teacher has interpreted this theme their own way, which means there will be a lot of variety in the different pieces performed! As always, the show will be a celebration of the dance and choreography talent the university has to offer, from those who have just started dancing this year to those who have done it their whole lives!”


Artistic Director, Brenda Nowicki, is in her second year in the position. She shared her creative ideas with The Saint, “The idea was to explore contrasts between the inside and outside, the contrast between the inside of the mind, bringing the inside of the mind onto the stage. This concept included the themes of imagination and dreams with relation to cycles- there are several pieces about growing up.”


Front of House Director, Rachael Hastie has collected photographs of society members in their early days of dance, charting their progress through many years of collective dance. Prepare for some cute photos and a celebration of childhood dreams brought to reality on the stage of the Byre.


Costumes Director, Caroline McWilliams told us “there are many new costumes this year, in a variety of colours. Prepare for a vibrant stage and when coupled with the dance and lighting, a visually pleasing spectacle.”


There are three performances so whether you are a dance-fanatic or not, there is no excuse not to spend two hours procrastinating this revision week. ‘Inside Out’, is set to be the biggest, most spectacular dance show of the year.


Thursday 28th April 7:30pm

Friday 29th April 2:30pm & 7:30pm

The Byre Theatre





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