Concrete Catwalk paints the town white

Photo: Lorelei Pfeffer

Concrete Catwalk seeks to capture St Andrews’ “eclectic street style”. Street style and a wide range of casual fashion were donned by party goers to Concrete Catwalk’s White Out event on Tuesday night. A rare opportunity to dress in your best white-on-white ensemble, the ladies of Concrete Catwalk welcomed guests to an event at a new venue: Mitchell’s. As I went to pick up my press pass earlier in the evening, I saw the committee hard at work, transforming Mitchell’s from one of St Andrews’ most iconic eateries to a venue with a dance floor and DJ setup. Tables were covered with an assortment of macaroons from Almond and Meringue, flowers and (much to my excitement) free flower crowns.

The vibe was casual – it took me back to the Lumsden Club’s Secret Garden Party at the start of the academic year. The décor was an ode to springtime: Daisies and white flowers abound.  The make up of guests were largely girls, reflective of St Andrews’ gender distribution. Though I was unlucky enough to miss the free drink on arrival, I was assured that they were delicious. There were a lovely variety of cocktails and wine (red, white and rose were all represented) on offer, helping to get people in the mood to dance. Any doubts I had about the pace of the event were dispelled when ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ came on, and the dance floor became packed with blurs of white all “dancing…jiving… having the time of [their] lives.” While the floor was packed, there was still opportunity for dancers to freely move their arms and legs to the music, unlike another Tuesday night out venue along the scores.

As my friend wryly commented on her snapchat, “because St Andrews isn’t white enough”, I would have personally found it a lot easier to dress for the occasion if the dress code extended into floral foray and other spring paraphernalia rather than all white. Furthermore, despite the fact that it had all the makings of a fabulous weekday night out in St Andrews, the event could have done with more publicity (and a Facebook event page). To me, the main shortfall was the fact that by 11:30, most party-goers were ready to leave and head over to Ma Bells. This made Concrete Catwalk White Out seem almost like a pre-party or a fade out transition to the rest of the night out, rather than the main event it should have been.


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