Comedy Society’s Bargain Ball promises to be one of the cheapest nights of the year


The esteemed St Andrews tradition of the ball is one treasured by most students. The problem, though, is that balls are hideously expensive. Fear not, as there is a new ball that challenges this convention, namely the Comedy Society’s Bargain Ball.

This extravaganza is exactly what its name suggests: a fairly typical St Andrews ball – minus any meal – at an unbelievable price. The basic ‘regulr’ ticket costs £5, with a £15 ‘regulr +’ ticket allowing access to the pre-event at the Lizard Lounge and a free glass of wine (probably Lambrini). For £30, the ‘regulr ++’ ticket gives you free drinks and snacks in the VIP section, transport to the main event and a souvenir lanyard. Tickets can be purchased at Comedy Society events and outside the Union, cash only (dates to be announced).

Society secretary and ball convener Jonathan Hewitt said the purpose of the event is to comment on the enormous amounts St Andrews students spend on balls by offering a dirt cheap yet enjoyable ball with a hint of irony.

The ball, which takes place on Sunday 24 April at Club 601, starts at 9 pm. and ends at 1:30 am. During the event, attendees will be treated to the comedy stylings of many Comedy Society members, including the group Blind Mirth, whose improvised hilarity has achieved notable acclaim at the likes of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. There will also be music at the preevent from DJ Iain and live performances at the actual ball.

In terms of drink details, the Comedy Society is keeping its cards close to its chest. However, if the £3.50 sex on the beach cocktail at last week’s Beacon Bar launch event is anything to go on, there are sure to be some incredible deals. Those in attendance can expect the cheap, throat-burningly acidic wine to be flowing long into the night.

The Bargain Ball is an ambitious event for a society in only its first year of existence, a fact of which Mr Hewitt is acutely aware. But the determination and enthusiasm of its members and the refreshing premise for the ball are set to make it a superb event. The launch event at Beacon Bar was well attended, and there has been a great deal of support from a broad range of the student body. Like so many planning to attend the ball, the Comedy Society is thrilled that the event it is taking place at all: hence the event’s slogan, “an actual thing.”

As Mr Hewitt said: “The most frequent question that we get is, ‘That’s really happening? Bargain Ball? I thought it was a joke.’” To some extent, the event is a joke – and a good one at that. But make no mistake. With its health doses of satire, entertainment and cheap drinks, Bargain Ball is happening.


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