Will this year’s Polo live up to last year’s hype?

Photo: St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament
Photo: St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament
Photo: St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament

On Saturday 23 April, the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament will return to Errol Park Estate for their annual event. With last year’s event being hailed as one of the best amongst the long line of impressive St Andrews charity events – rivaling the firmly-established legacies of FS and even KK events – expectations for this year’s tournaments are high, to say the least. Last year, VIP tickets were sold-out within 24 hours, with another 1,000 tickets sold in total; this year, there have been over 100 applications for the exclusive VVIP table ballot. Yet this impressive record only touches upon the popularity of the tournament itself. Catering specifically to St Andrean event traditions of abundant alcohol, a good cause, and impressively organised entertainment, the Charity Polo Tournament takes it a step further by adding an atmosphere of a competitive sport.

While last year’s tournament featured polo teams from various Scottish universities, the 2016 event will host a variety of teams from British schools: from Oxford to London, participants from all over the United Kingdom will be participating in the tournament. In addition to the professional university teams, the tournament will also feature amateur teams, as well as showcasing a collaboration with the Leuchars army base.

The popularity of last year’s event, not just within the circles of the Bubble, but within the Scottish polo community, has led to increased coverage from local media outlets, many of which will be present at Errol Park on 23 April. Reaching out to the local Scottish Polo community, the 2016 tournament will build off the event’s 2015 goal of catering to adults, university students and children alike, as well as to both professional and amateur polo players.

Illustration: Dillon Yeh
Illustration: Dillon Yeh

The committee’s overarching aim for this year’s tournament is, as Jonathan Gregory – Tournament Director – explained, “to embody the same vibe as last year’s event, while simultaneously making it more professional.” While still upholding many of the collaborations with various sponsors from last year – such as Fairmont Hotel and the St Andrews Brewing Company –, the tournament committee will be introducing Engel and Voelkers, Tilt, and Cauroon Gin to the list. The committee has also recently announced their new sponsor for the charity event: Murray Lotus.

Though complaints from last year’s attendees were minimal, the tournament committee is dedicated to responding to feedback by refining the 2016 event. With the cold weather posing an issue for many of last year’s participants, the committee has confirmed that they will be placing multiple heaters within the venue. There will also be a larger number of food trucks available, as well as alcohol suppliers on standby nearby. A further improvement for attendees will be the bottle of champagne provided to all VIP guests. Though those lucky enough to get a VVIP table will be enjoying unlimited Bouvet-Ladubay, VIP and standard ticket holders alike will not be disappointed: with refreshments from a variety of exclusive alcohol suppliers – as well as performances from The Other Guys and DJ Chris MacRae— the tournament will keep in their tradition of providing unlimited entertainment between chuckles.

Seemingly perfectly tailored for St Andrews students, the bar has been set high for this spring’s Polo Tournament. With a small committee of only 19 organising one of the largest University events of the season, it’s clear that the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament will, if not already, be considered an essential Bubble tradition.


The Fairmont Hotel was incorrectly listed as a sponsor in the article “Will this year’s Polo live up to last year’s hype?” which was printed on March 10th. Unfortunately, their management team decided not to honour a prior agreement. The Tournament is now thrilled, however, to announce the Old Course Hotel as their exclusive hospitality partner. They join our sponsors Murray Lotus, EFG Private Bank, Bouvet Ladubay, St Andrews Brewing Company, Tilt, and SATS Faction Polo among others. We all look forward to working together for the April 23rd event. Standard tickets are still available at https://www.tilt.com/tilts/st-andrews-charity-polo-tournament-standard-ticket, don’t miss out!


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