The Saint’s Top 8


1. A View from the Bridge

Love, honour, family and pride, displayed on a 1950s New York backdrop, Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, A View From the Bridge is being performed this Thursday 10 March at the Byre Theatre at 8:45 pm. A perfect opportunity to immerse yourself into another time and place, tickets are on sale for only £6 for students on the Byre Theatre website.

2. Elections

After a week of campaigns and publicising, voting starts on Thursday 10 March. If you haven’t formed your opinions by now, plenty of information is available on our website, on Facebook, and on the Union’s website, so gather your information and make sure to vote!

3. BOP: Election Results

The highly anticipated election results will be out Friday 11 March. Results will be broadcasted at the Union in the evening, followed by a BOP in Club 601. Whether you supported a winner or a loser, the BOP is the perfect way to end the week in the only way us students know how: with music, friends and alcohol.

4. Spring Break

Probably the most anticipated ‘event’ this week (/semester), spring break has come this Friday 11 March. After an exhausting first half of the semester, we are all more than ready to escape the Bubble for two weeks. Whether you are headed home, or going on a trip with friends, spring break is sure to be the perfect solution to all of our woes.

5. Live and Let Dance

Dance Society’s annual ball has come back on Friday 11 March at Younger Hall. For only £15 you will get to experience various performances from the Blue Angels dance teams, casino games and enjoy delightful Janetta’s. The perfect way to end the semester, grab your tickets on Tilt.

6. On the Rocks 2016

After a successful launch party, On the Rocks is the perfect way to return to St Andrews. Boasting an array of incredible events every year, the On the Rocks Festival is not to be missed, so keep a lookout for its various events and ticket sales on Facebook, and don’t miss out on one of St Andrews’ most culturally enlightening weeks.

7. Re:Fashion

After an incredible success last semester, Re:Fashion is back for its spring sale on Monday 11 April in Parliament Hall. Information on selling is available on their Facebook page, with deadlines on 4 April. If you are not interested in selling, Re: Fashion is a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe at an affordable price.

8. Bull & Bear Ball

Economics and Management are presenting this year’s Bull & Bear Ball on Friday 8 April at the Hotel du Vin. Though ticket sales have already occurred, resale tickets are sure to come across your newsfeeds. Whether it be for the dinner or the afterparty, the ball is sure to be a night of entertainment, with Chris Andrews and Ashton Squires leading the night’s entertainment after a copious three course meal.


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