Shining our way from Glitterball to home

Photo: Emma Rebein, Lightbox Creative
Photo: Ilaria Maresi, Lightbox Creative
Photo: Ilaria Maresi, Lightbox Creative

Crowds of people flocking to the Old Course caked in glitter eyeshadow, hair enriched with sparkles and layers upon layers of sequins can only mean one thing; Glitterball has arrived. The LGBT+ society’s annual celebration of all things fabulous was back for another year in spectacular style, and this year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint.

The event itself in many ways seemed like a performance, which was fitting given the involvement of the Just So society in the night’s entertainment. VIP ticket holders were granted a rich variety of entertainment, as their ticket entailed arrival an hour earlier than standard guests. The first act of the night was Pumpkin Spiced Latte, a duo consisting of the talents of Tommy Rowe and Struan Erlenborn, a pair with so much energy and charisma that it was hard to keep up. Next a fantastic drag act graced the scene, performing to an incredibly high standard.

The final act provided for VIP guests was a quartet of singers from the Just So society performing a beautiful David Bowie tribute act. Special mention goes to Emma Seckel, who shone especially bright in her rendition of Starman.

Photo: Emma Rebein, Lightbox Creative
Photo: Emma Rebein, Lightbox Creative

The performances on the main stage certainly didn’t disappoint either. Pink Eye on Picture Day entertained the guests with a performance of numerous crowd pleasers. My personal highlight was their fantastic rendition of Walk The Moon’s Shut Up and Dance- there was barely anyone in the room who wasn’t dancing. The final act of the night was St Andrew’s most badass DJ, Staley Sharples. Her mixes were as amazing as they always are.

Overall the ball provided entertainment as fitting as the theme promised. What would a ball review be without mentioning the freebies? And if Glitterball did one thing right, it was definitely the freebies. VIP guests were practically drowning in free alcohol, with 15 pitchers of cocktails provided in the VIP section as well as 4 packs of Rocca Cannolinis for VIP guests. Standard guests were also treated to free candyfloss, a fitting edition to the quirky theme of the night. Although the queues for both candyfloss and alcohol were long, the Glitterball committee managed to avoid the usual St Andrews bar stampede in the Hall of Champions.

One feature that did disappoint however was the lack of glitter at the event. I was told that the buckets of glitter provided last year had simply been too hard to clean out of the venue, which is completely understandable. Yet I couldn’t help missing the glitter that coated hair and adorned beards to such an extent that last year’s guests couldn’t wash it out days after the event had finished.

The overall mood of the night was one of joyous frivolity. The theme allowed guests to wear sequinned dresses that are too dazzling for May Ball, and gave the perfect excuse for glitter eyeshadow, worn on lips, hair, arms and smeared over the clothes of any stranger who got in your way.

Overall, the inclusivity and relaxed vibe that the night has is what continuously makes it stand out from any other St Andrews event, and is perhaps the reason why it was so enjoyable for everyone there. Congratulations to Saints LGBT+ and the Glitterball committee for putting on such a well thought out, individual and thoroughly fabulous event!


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