Saving with student discounts: the best deals on shopping, food, attractions and travel in and outside of the Bubble

Photo: Laszlo Szegedi
Photo: Laszlo Szegedi
Photo: László Szegedi

Living in St Andrews, one becomes well-acquainted with a certain feeling: terror. It shows up when you’ve just paid the deposit on your ridiculously overpriced at, bought a dress for the next ball, or even purchased groceries. You live in fear of checking your bank balance because you know it will be about £20, and you’re constantly searching for ways to cut back on spending. Luckily enough, being a university student has its upsides. Thanks to your student status, you can find discounts on everything from haircuts to theatre performances .


If you’re in need of clothing or accessories, pay a visit to New Look, Accessorize, Sam Brown or Fatface, all of which offer 10 per cent student discounts on full-price items. If you’d rather invest in some new outdoor clothing, try Caledonian Countrywear for a five per cent discount or Rohan for 10 per cent savings. Other apparel options include the shoe store Moshulu, which offers 10 per cent off on purchases over £20, and the University of St Andrews shop, which has a 10 per cent discount.

Town Centre also features shops that will meet your academic needs. Pay a visit to Ryman’s when you want a new notebook, and you’ll receive 10 per cent off your purchase. If you have a tendency to spill liquids on your laptop, consult Disc Depot for repairs and a 10 per cent discount on your fix.

It’s also worth paying a visit to one of St Andrews’ hair salons. Dynamic Hair has a 10 per cent discount, while the Wax Bar offers a 25 per cent discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sophie Butler has a 20 per cent discount on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Whether you’re in the mood for a cappuccino, burger or margarita, many St Andrews’ restaurants have deals for you. The Byre Cafe in the Byre Theatre has low prices (accompanied by a 10 per cent discount) on drinks and snacks. Add in the Byre’s comfy couches, and you have the perfect study spot. If you’d rather indulge in more substantial fare, Blackhorn offers a six pound burger, chips and drink combination on Sundays, while Greggs gives a free sausage roll or dessert with the purchase of the three pound sandwich deal (through 31 March). Another option is Grill House, which has two student deals: two tacos and a margarita for seven pounds or a four-person platter of tacos and a margarita pitcher for £20.


Local entertainment venues and attractions, as well as those further afield of the Bubble, are some of the best places to find student discounts. Two classic St Andrews attractions — the castle and cathedral — offer students cheaper tickets, while the Botanic Garden gives students free entry. If you’d rather opt for movies or live performances, visit the New Picture House Cinema for seven pound tickets or check the Byre Theatre’s listings to see if any shows are offering concession tickets.

If you decide to venture out of St Andrews, perhaps to Glasgow and Edinburgh, you can nd deals like Camera Obscura tickets for £12.50 and Glasgow Film Theatre tickets for seven pounds. Many clubs and bars also have student prices or nights with discounted drinks.


For those planning on traveling during their time in St Andrews, consider buying an International Student ID Card (ISIC). Cardholders can earn discounts on services in 125,000 locations across 130 countries. Several examples are 50 per cent off a subscription to The Financial Times and up to 60 per cent off tickets to West End theatre performances.

To make cheaper travel arrangements, you can use Student Universe or STA Travel, two websites with a variety of student rates on flights and accommodation. Eurail, a European train service, also offers a 35 per cent discount on passes for anyone between the ages of 12 and 26.

If you’re looking to travel locally, you can receive discounts on bus tickets, or you can buy a Unirider Stagecoach ticket that gives you a multiple-week pass for a certain zone, such as Fife.

This list of discounts is far from exhaustive: less St Andrews-specific discounts include everything from 60 per cent off Adobe Creative Cloud to 50 per cent off Spotify Premium and a discounted subscription to The New York Times. The best way to find student discounts is to ask. Look for deals at restaurants, clothing stores, museums and more. Remember: even if a discount isn’t advertised by a business, one may be available.


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