On the Rocks on a Budget


Since not all St. Andrews students are descendants of the Queen, we’ve highlighted a few low cost and free events every day to help you enjoy OTR without breaking the bank.


Day 1 (Friday 1st April):

Women in Conflict Exhibition: Art and Poetry Showcase- Arts lecture theatre 19:00-21:00

 Start OTR off light—head over to the Old Union Café at 22:00 for a (free!) music café.


Day 2 – Saturday 2nd April:


At 11.00 Carnaby Market will be hosting an artisan and collectors faire. Entry is free!

Later on, hit Club 601 and hang out with On The Rocks and Music is Love for the opening party, only £2 entry!

Alternatively (and depending on your willingness to spend a fiver – I know, breaking the bank!), you could head to the Barron Theatre for St Andrews Night Live, a hilarious St Andrean spin-off of Saturday Night Live.


Sunday 3rd April:

From 12.00-17.00 you have the opportunity to go to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Faire—entry is £2 and there will be tons of cheap clothing, accessories, and home goods!

At 15.00 there will be a Zine Faire in the Byre—entry is free and it’s a good excuse to day drink and craft to your heart’s content.

The Barron is the place to be at 16:00. Cloth is a solo physical theatre piece exploring bed sheets and it’s free!


Monday 4th April:

If, in a shocking turn of events, you find yourself hungry and bored at the same time, you can visit Balgove Larder at 18.00 for dinner and a production of Animal Farm for £15—for a dinner at the Steak Barn that’s not half bad.

If you missed the first one, OTR and Music is Love will be hosting another music café in the Old Union Café at 22.00—again, free entry.


Tuesday 5th April:

For the literature-inclined there will be a free creative writing workshop at the Old Union Café at 14.00.

Spend your money on a great cause by visiting Sandy’s Bar at 21.00 for “Jamnesty International”, hosted by Amnesty International. You’ll enjoy tons of live music for just £3 (£2 for Amnesty members).


Wednesday 6th April:

 The Art Society is hosting PANDORA, a free art exhibition at 20.00 in the Union Society Rooms.

If you’re feeling a little flashier, you can be at the Barron Theatre by 20.00 for ReScore IV where the ReScore team will revisit a classic film and present a live composed score during the film—£6!


Thursday 7th April:

 Tonight you have two equally priced (£5) options: The Phrase and LOOP.

For the dance-lovers, The Phrase is a dance show at 21.00 in the Barron Theatre showcasing several original pieces of choreography.

For the people who just want to laugh, LOOP is a comedy show at 22.30 in the Byre.

Otherwise, you might want to pop down to the Byre Theatre Bar at 20:00 to enjoy JazzWorks’ free ‘La Noire’ themed jam session.


Friday 8th April:

 The Shimmy Soc is putting on “Around the World in Dance”—for £5 you’ll enjoy a showcase of a variety of dance styles from around the world. 19.00 at the Byre!

Alternatively, head to School VI at 19:00, to catch the last night of the Indian Independent Film Festival -with ‘Filmistaan.’ This is a film about an aspiring actor from Mumbai who is mistaken for an American, kidnapped, and taken to Pakistan, where his love for Bollywood spurs a tale of unexpected friendships.


Saturday 9th April:

 At 11.00 in the Community Library, OTR is putting on an upcycling workshop—take your old pieces of clothing, furniture, etc. and turn them into something useful.

At 14.00 in the Byre Bar there will be a free poetry workshop with Amanda Merritt.

If this has sparked you’re thirst for poetry and all things words drop by Taste 15:30-19:30, pop a donation in the box, and watch as the poets have five minutes to write a poem off the top of their head, just for you.


Sunday 10th April:

 Start the afternoon off with a free A Cappella Workshop Day, 14:00-17:00, in Younger Hall Rehearsal Room.

In the Barron Theatre at 19.30 the Mermaids are hosting SAND Scratch Night where they will be performing a variety of student-written scripts—entry is free!

To finish off OTR, stop by St Salvator’s Chapel at 19.30 to support the St Andrews Chapel Choir who will be holding a free performance Bach’s Mass in B Minor alongside other ensembles.

Finish the day in the perfect way, with Wise Child Live, 21:00, Sandy’s Bar. Sit back, relax, and listen to some of the best storytellers in town share some of their funniest, saddest and most provocative moments.






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