Manifesto Analysis: Hazel Adams, candidate for Director of Representation


While she is clearly passionate, Ms Adams’ proposals could stand to be better thought out.


Ms Adams believes that postgraduates are an important resource for undergraduates. She mentioned that there are not enough events that provide the opportunity for undergraduates and postgraduates to communicate.

She is hoping to facilitate events that will allow this interaction to take place, however she has not provided any specific ideas for these events. With space in the main library being minimal, Ms Adams is planning on advertising alternative study spaces. Though this is a great idea, she has not mentioned any specific advertising strategies in order to implement this idea.

Student well being

One of the main areas that Ms Adams would like to focus on is mental health at the university. She mentions that while there are systems in place to aid students who are suffering it needs to be expanded and more organised.

She believes Nightline is a good resource for students, however there are many cases of students not being able to get through once they call. Her solution is to encourage people to be involved with these services so they can benefit more students. That being said, it is important to note that Nightline is a service that is run by students, who must apply to be apart of it, and the issue may not simply rest with the amount of students involved.

Additionally, Ms Adams also has a wonderful idea of creating a memorial space for students who have passed away during their time at university, regardless of the cause. She admits this may be a complicated endeavor, and would gauge support for it before establishing it.

Lastly, Ms Adams believes that feminine hygiene products should be available for free to students. Halls have begun to stock their main bathrooms with them, and she is hoping to examine the possibility of providing them throughout the union.

Equal opportunities

Ms Adams addresses an important issue, the inclusion of ‘non-typical’ St Andrew students, such as part-time and commuting students. There was once a study room in place for these students, and she is hoping to explore the possibility of recreating that space so non-typical students have a place to study. Furthermore, Ms Adams would like to continue refreshing older events, whilst advertising smaller society events.


Ms Adams is hoping to expand the platforms for candidates to campaign, as standing outside the library or handing out leaflets isn’t efficient. She would like to prevent the election from encroaching on study spaces, as leafleting and attempting to talk to students in a hurry, can be irritating and thus will reduce their interest in the elections.

The Saint’s Assessment

Ms Adams is clearly passionate about the job of DoRep and provides the fresh perspective of a newer student. However, her manifesto betrays her lack of experience and The Saint questions whether she is prepared for the role that she would be taking on.


  1. ‘Ms Adams proposals could stand to be more well thought out’

    Is anybody even editing the Saint’s articles these days? Missing an apostrophe and the phrase should be ‘better thought out’


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