Kate Kennedy Procession celebrates 90th year

Photo credit: Sammi McKee

Founded in 1926, the Kate Kennedy Club will celebrate its 90th year this April.

The KKC intends to mark the weekend of the 90th Procession with a host of family-orientated activities designed to facilitate the return of KKC alumni to St Andrews. Among the list of planned events are a picnic, a golf tournament and a viewing of various Procession artefacts.

The procession itself will feature roughly 140 characters from the town’s history. The colourful figures range from royalty to common peasants to modern day celebrities, all dressed in hand-stitched costumes maintained to the highest of standards. Some will go on foot, some will mount horses and others will ride in coaches restored by the Club to their former glory.

Tommy Vermeir, the Kate Kennedy Club’s Head of Publicity, speaking to The Saint, said: “The organisation of the 90th Anniversary of the procession has been aimed at increasing the involvement of local, regional and nationwide audiences by providing a full weekend of activities for all to enjoy. Between the coach house reception earlier in the week, the family day fayre ahead of the procession on the 9th, and the Great Procession Tapestry available for viewing in the marquee on Lower College Lawn, enthusiasts of St Andrews history and tradition will be spoilt for things to see and do.”

The 90th Anniversary Weekend will arguably be the KKC’s largest undertaking in its almost century-long history. The festivities aim to unite the town and gown, partly by raising money for local charities.

The procession will be held on 9 April.


  1. Glad to see the procession happening. But what is the KKC these days? still an all male, power hungry, socially engineering hegemony of faggery? im sure they are… why the saint doesnt do some good old fashioned investigative journalist on the repulsive social climbers is a mystery to many.


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