GLITTERBALL 2016: “the sparkliest, snazziest, showiest event in town”

Image: Saints LGBT+
Image: Saints LGBT+
Image: Saints LGBT+

GLITTERBALL: the sparkliest, snazziest, showiest event in town, returns to St Andrews this Friday 4th of March. The event promises to be more popular than ever, with tickets selling out in just three minutes! GLITTERBALL, hosted by Saints LGBT+, promises to be the most fabulous night of the year! This year GLITTERBALL will be held in the beautiful Hall of Champions, found in St Andrews’ luxury Old Course Hotel. Guests are invited to come with copious amounts of glitter and enjoy a night that promotes acceptance and inclusivity with a lot of extra sparkle.

GLITTERBALL Convenor Taryn O’Connor gave us a preview of the night in her own words. She told us that “The venue, mountains of glitter, and freebies give GLITTERBALL its own personality, but the heart and support of the LGBT+ committee is what makes all the planning and nerves worth it! Also, I won’t pretend that I just say ‘freebies’ without expecting to explain: we’re really excited to announce that our VIP event will be sponsored by Rocca Italian Deli! So every VIP wristband will come with a bundle of Rocca sweet treats and anyone with a GLITTERBALL wristband can take it to Rocca Deli on Saturday March 5th and get a £4 sandwich, so GLITTERBALL has gone ahead and taken care of your hangover for you. The VIP event will also feature free rainbow cocktails, and a David Bowie tribute performance, while the main event will have every colour of free candy floss and some AMAZING music from Pink Eye on Picture Day and St Andrews DJ goddess Staley Sharples.”

GLITTERBALL is one of the best events for spreading positivity and promoting a great cause by hosting what promises to be an unforgettable night. Tickets are sold out as of now, but anyone who missed out on the chance to go to the sparkliest event on the social calendar can try and get tickets on the Facebook event. For any other queries, contact the Saints LGBT+ society. Get ready for a night you won’t forget (mainly because you won’t be able to get the glitter out your hair for weeks afterwards!)


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