Elections 2016 update: Director of Nightline and Hazel Adams release joint statement


Following their confrontation at last night’s candidates Question Time, Director of Nightline Nick Farrer and Director of Representation candidate, Hazel Adams have released a joint statement.

Ms Adams apologised to Nightline and expressed her support for the organisation, going on to say, “Due to some unfortunate and rushed wording many have been lead to believe that I think the DoRep has any control over Nightline and that I intended to promise changes to the service it provides.

“I would like to make it clear to everyone that this was not my intention and I did not mean to insult or belittle Nightline when the service they provide is so necessary and beneficial for so many students. In truth I simply wanted to encourage student involvement with the service and advertise some of their services besides phone calls.

“I am a huge fan of Nightline and the service they provide and I want to make sure that events caused by a lack of correct communication do not in any way tarnish their reputation.”

Mr Farrer also expressed his regret at the way he handled the issue, saying, “I apologise to the volunteers of the organisation; viewers of the debate did not see a representation of the volunteers who will stay up all night and be happy doing so, or those volunteers who will endeavour to support someone when they feel they have few other options – instead they saw the representation of a lone individual who had given into stress and the worries of an organisation on his shoulder.”

Both Ms Adams and Mr Farrer said they were, “satisfied that we have reached a mutual understand regarding the events last night,” and that they, “look positively upon the possibility of co-operating in the future.”


  1. I am heartened to see that the director understands he embarrassed his organisation last night, and has issued an apology.

  2. I have every sympathy for Hazel in this situation, but all this has highlighted to me is that she hasn’t done enough research into the role to combat her total lack of experience. The minute you compare her policies to Jack Carr, who is well known for running a nearly-successful campaign for this role last year, you see that she is completely unequipped to take on the role of Dorep, at least for now.

  3. The way the Nightline guy conducted himself was nothing short of disgraceful and I’m embarrassed for him. There are plenty other ways to raise a concern he had with Hazel other than shouting it at her in front of a room full of people and opposing candidates. I think if anything this has done Hazel’s campaign a favour and made people aware of how she is an honest and passionate candidate. The point is that this is only student politics and there’s no need to personally attack someone for making an honest mistake. Glad he has apologised.

  4. All this shows is that Hazel did not do the minimum required due diligence. You really can’t make altering a society a platform without consulting them or responding to their messages. Can’t believe she thought she wouldn’t be held accountable. #BackJack 200%.

  5. ignorance is a terrible defence, especially if you’re running as a candidate. idk who she thought she would convince


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