Association elections 2016: Candidates


Sabbatical Officers

Association President

Charlotte Andrew

Charlotte Andrew - Pres






Manifesto analysis and interview

Annie Newman

Annie Newman - Pres






Manifesto analysis and interview

Director of Representation

Hazel Adams

Hazel Adams - DoRep






Manifesto analysis and interview

Jack Carr

Jack Carr cutout






Manifesto analysis and interview

Director of Student Development and Activities

Caroline Christie

Caroline Christie DoSDA






Manifesto analysis and interview 

Director of Events and Services

Sina Dashtebozorgy

Sina - DoES






Manifesto analysis and interview

Taryn O’Connor







Manifesto analysis and interview

Athletic Union President

Ben Peddie

Ben Peddie - AU Pres






Manifesto analysis and interview

Association Officers

Association Chair: Sigrid Jorgensen, Omar Ali

Community relations officer: Jessica Whitley, Aine Bennett, Jamie Macleod

LGBT officer: Jacob Williams, Lewis Wood

Environment and ethics officer: Beth Reyniers, Mariya Simeonova

Association alumni officer: Rebecca Ryce, Aleksander Tomasz Zagajewski

Association equal opportunities officer: Jackie Ashkin, Robert Aston

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

Wellbeing officer: Guy Roulstone, Alec Bruns, Holly Johnston

Accommodation officer: 

Member for racial equality: Halima Aliyu Mohammed,  Danish Sajjad, Saisi Emma

Member for students with disabilities: Ella Casey Kicks

Member for first years: Sam Ross, Marcella Caroline Denby

Member without Portfolio: Paige Onouye, Paloma Paige

Member for age equality: 

Member for widening access and participation: Christopher Wide

Member for gender equality: Vanessa Doring, Catriona Crookes, Brianna Chu

Postgraduate Development Officer: 

Postgraduate Academic Convener:

Arts and divinity faculty president: Sally Allmark

Science and medicine faculty president: Grania Smith, Louise McCaul

Students’ Services Council (SSC)

Employability officer:  Francis Aidan Newman

Debates officer (UDS): Beckie Thomas

Broadcasting officer (STAR): Charlotte Flatley, Katharine Gemmell

Charities officer: Kristen Tsubota

Performing arts officer (Mermaids): Annabel Ekelund, Al Gillespie

External funding officer:

Volunteering officer: Sarah Rodway-Swanson

Societies officer: Pia Szabo

Music officer (Music is Love): Carla Jenkins, Alasdair Milne

Postgraduate society president: Lauchlan William Hall

Member without portfolio: Kate Mayer

School Presidents & Modern Language Convenors

Art history: Vienna Jeanne Jungeun Kim, Isabelle Mooney

Biology: Rufus Sullivan, Eleanor Jessica Lane, Alec Christie, Patrick Styles

Chemistry: Gavin Irvine,  Ellie Pringle, Zachary Davis

Classics: Natasha Warby, Helen Cameron, Ruaraidh Maciver, Katharine Ann Donaldson

Computer science:  Robin Nabel

Divinity: Josh Holloway

Earth and environmental sciences: Lucy Rose Spindler, Michael Van Mourik

Economics and finance: Caroline Manghan, Joe Chan, Camila Eugeina Molina, Jakob Dowling, Maria Barragan, Dillon Yeh, Vladmir Volodko, Raphael Benros, Sarah Bourial,, Jessica April Eccles

English: Paddy Cavanagh, Daniel Christopher Granville

Film studies: Kit Klaes, Jaka Lombar

Geography and sustainable development: Abi Whitefield, Devon Maloney

History:  Madeleine Alexandra Armstrong, Tom Williams, Ludo Stewart

International relations: Haley Tanner, Callum Yourston, Jessica Yin, Julian Valladares Urrulea, Maxime Seguin

Management: Manal Mohamed Saud Salim Bahwan Al Mukhaini, Nikolai Rothermal

Mathematics and statistics: Jai Joshua Van Den Bedem, Bea Hill

Medicine: Mariella Caroline Fortune-Ely, Elliot Taylor

Modern languages: William Michael Bosustow, Oscar Hodgson, Miriam Rodero, Alexander Gillah,

Philosophy:  Yesmukhammed Dosken, Anna Megan Alpine, Victoria Skeie

Physics and astronomy: John Weaver, Yorick ENters

Psychology and neuroscience: Yunkai (Jessie) Li, Niko Frost, Alexa Lee Hijazi

Social Anthropology: Devon Schindler, Genevieve Borrowdale-Cox, Maddie Weir

Arabic/Persian Convenor: Ada Voss Rustow, Jerry McNally

Comparative Literature Convenor: Felicity Martin-Daly, Tomasz Hollanek

French Convenor: Emily Allen, Saskia Morrison

German Convenor: Annie Leverton, Hector Selby

Italian Convenor: Laura Harford, Sarah Jack

Russian Convenor: Pat Shareefy, Georgia Fortunato

Spanish Convenor: Pier Ruud Mosselmans, Caitlin Macdonald, Alexandra Peel


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