Angus and Stanley Smith houses closed for next academic year

Picture Credit: University of St Andrews
University postgraduate residences Angus and Stanley Smith Houses are scheduled to be separately closed
and renovated during the 2016-17 academic year, as part of the £70 million accommodation plan announced last week.
St Andrews Student Accommodation Services have announced on their website that both of the adjacent residences will be closed during separate semesters next term. Stanley Smith House is scheduled to be closed to postgraduate residents during the first semester of the 2016- 2017 academic year and Angus Smith House is set to be closed during the second semester starting in January 2017.
Usually housing 46 St Andrews postgraduate students, Angus and Stanley Smith Houses provide single, non-catered rooms with communal bathrooms, sitting rooms, a dining
room and kitchens.
With the closing of Stanley Smith House in the fall, only 23 single rooms will be available to postgraduates who will live in Angus Smith House for the first semester before moving to the newly renovated Stanley Smith House at the start of the second semester while Angus Smith then undergoes renovation.
According to a press release from the University Press Office, “a full re furbishment and upgrade of kitchens and bathrooms” will be undertaken during the next academic year.
Located just off of St Mary’s Place between South and Market Street, Angus and Stanley Smith Houses are in the heart of St Andrews, just minutes away from the Students’ Association, shops on Market or South Streets, and any in-town university building.
However, postgraduate students say it’s well overdue for a renovation. Emil Archambault, a second year postgraduate student pursuing a Master of Philosophy in International Relations who has lived in Stanley Smith House for the last two academic years, serves as the current Senior Student for both Angus and Stanley
Smith Houses.
“It is well time for the residences to be renovated,” said Mr Archambault, “In our flat, the bathroom is in a very shabby state.”
“The insolation in the building is quite [non-existent] – I can almost have a conversation with my upstairs neighbours through the walls and ceiling, which is both environmentally inefficient and bad for quality of life,” said Mr Archambault.
Also announced on the Student Accommodation Services website is a change to the residence fees for the next academic year. Currently, postgraduate residence fees for both Angus and Stanley Smith Houses is set at £4,770 for 50 weeks with utilities included.
Next academic year, with only 23 single rooms available and a required mid-year move from Angus to Stanley Smith house after the first semester renovations to Stanley Smith are completed, residence fees are set to increase by just over £300 to £5,079 for 50 weeks with utilities.
This comes at a time when residence fees for other postgraduate halls are also slated to increase for next semester.
The work on Angus and Stanley Smith Houses will form one of the first parts of the University’s new accommodation plan, which will later include the demolition of the Albany Park. In an email to students last week, President of the Students’ Association, Pat Matthewson and the head of Residential Business Services,
Ben Stuart said:
“Expansions, new build, modernisation and basic improvement will take place at our residences through out the town in a phased programme
of works”.
“The works will have a total price tag of £70 million, but will be funded by equity-release schemes with private sector partners”.
“This will ensure that we do not have to divert scarce resources from our world-leading teaching and research to fund a longstanding commitment to provide additional student bedrooms.”


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