Rock Society petition against Students Association’s “hostility and lack of cooperation” prompts SSC motion


A petition has been launched on by members of the Rock Society who are unhappy with the way in which they and also other societies have been treated by the Student Association.

The petition states that the “Students’ Association has not met the expectations of the societies that students are members of”, especially the “smaller, more niche societies”.

The petition, which garnered a total of 65 signatures, accused the Students’ Association of “removing room bookings at very short notice” for Union organised events, permission to advertise via posters in the Union being “removed”, as well as “confirmation that the Union will provide equipment for events” which “have then not been provided” which according to RockSoc led to “events being badly attended” or cancelled.

The petition also highlighted a “general hostility and lack of co-operation from certain Association members and staff”.

The aim of the petition is to get the Students Association to “acknowledge their shortcomings” which include not being accommodating to societies and not makinh “clear decisions.”

Anna Rogan, the President of RockSoc, said in a statement that the problems were in particular to do with room bookings, and that they have been ongoing for “a few years”.

In a letter to the Student Association and the Societies Committee seen by The Saint, Rock Society listed the “most memorable” of the problems that they have experienced including having Sandy’s Bar taken from them as a venue to hold on a live night in, with it instead being given to the Union’s Battle of the Bands night.

In addition, another problem described in the letter was on Halloween 2014, when having been allocated a venue in the Union, Rock Society were promised “full advertisement” by the Director of Events and Services (DoES) at the time, but claim they only received a small, partial advertisement.

The letter continues with the accusation that due to the “frequency of which the Union has discarded, altered or ignored our plans over the last year or two – particularly during the refurbishment of the building which led to the loss of Venue 2 -RockSoc have estimated they have suffered a loss of approximately £200, a shortfall which was the result of being forced to hold events at venues at which we were unable to charge entry”.

The letter also said, “RockSoc are deeply disappointed to be facing such adversity, despite having existed for 25 years.

“Especially concerning is the homogeneity of the other music styles currently being offered at the Union organised events – serving only to single out those who do not share the music-taste of those in charge of organising such events, making the experience of university an incredibly daunting one.

Anna Rogan, said however that the society is in talks with Robert Dixon, the Student Services Council (SSC) Societies Officer, in order to resolve the issues with a council motion.

The motion specifically calls for “no room booking from a party external to the Association, including Affiliated Societies, be cancelled or moved without the consent of the party in question, subsequent to the issuance of a confirmation of such a booking.”

The motion also states that a, “confirmation or refusal of room booking be issued no later than two weeks after a request for the same.”

The motion was passed by the Student Services Council on Tuesday 9 Febraury, however this was only after the society’s name was removed from the wording of the motion.

They said that rather than having their room booking cancelled by the Association, it was in fact cancelled by one of the members of the rock society without the knowledge of the member who launched the petition.


  1. I for one have had a similar experience with the Onion. I feel like they simultaneously support diverse interests and deny the satisfaction of those who have them! SMH. It’s like Warped Tour 2011 all over again! Dont wanna deal with them Association members and their lack of cooperation. Just wanna make music and bond through it. Though with the union’s choice in soundtrack it doesn’t surprise me they don’t understand.


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