Review: RAG Week A Capella Sofa Sessions


12642693_939432836121872_2652632482955301270_nSandy’s Bar last Tuesday evening was a platform for the A Cappella realm of the St Andrew’s scene. Over the past week, RAG has given host to many a charitable event, with this being no different. The A Cappella Society’s ‘Sofa Sessions’ sought to provide a fun and enjoyable way of raising money for their selected Charity, Music in Hospitals. The few of us that went along to the mini concert were greeted by performances from an assortment of our very own A Cappella groups, who all came together to create an entertaining night of music.

Even in the cold, slightly grim weather of week two, when the average student is, by now, undoubtedly feeling the pressure to at least begin some work, these ‘A CaPeople’ seemed to have no difficulty being full of life, performing and doing what they love. The setting of the comfortable sofas, warm, dimmed mood lighting and small venue of Sandy’s Bar created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

The event kicked off with some harmonious vocals from The Other Guys as they burst into their own rendition of Gangster’s Paradise, with a their very own St Andrew’s twist. ‘Golfer’s Paradise set the tone for the evening, relaxed and humorous, with lyrics applicable to the average, everyday student. They followed this up with their more serious and touching version of Pentatonix’s ‘Run to You’, which they had originally put together in aid of the Help for Heroes Charity.

12647125_939432776121878_3377990675887887084_nIn response to this, the all girls group, The Hummingbirds, provided some strong female vocals, covering the iconic Florence and the Machine with, ‘What Kind of Man’. The evening continued in this fashion with each group preforming two songs of their choice. The Alleycats followed with their, quote “trademark” numbers of ‘I Want You Back’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Singed Sealed Delivered’. Their songs went along with some dubious, although admittedly charming, dance moves.

Closing the event were The Accidentals and The Belles and The Beaus. The Accidentals, again all female, challenged the stereotype of a lack of deep vocalists with some amazing soloists, and some rather refreshing beat boxing. Their remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘How Deep is Your Love’ was fun and inspired. Rounding off the evening, The Belles and The Beaus provided incredible base vocals and interesting beat boxing, leaving the crowd in awe.

The camaraderie between the different groups was encouraging, displaying a distinct lack of competition, but rather, a solidarity in their attempts to have fun and raise as much money for charity as possible. The evening was a testament to the wealth of talent on offer here at St Andrew’s and although the event was, admittedly, modestly attended, those who did go were welcomed to a warm and informal way of getting to know the world of A Cappella, and all with the intentions of raising money for a respectable and relevant cause.


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