Jack Conman: Coffee house Sessions

Jack Conman is the first Coffee House Sessions artist to brace St. Andrews
in 2016 after his whirlwind tour of the UK’s universities. He answered
a few questions about his music and hopes for the future after his show
this Friday. Conman began his musical career
in percussion before starting to play to guitar. He soon realized that his forte
was singing and song writing. He believes that the percussive route with which he began to do music is what
helped him create his melodic, sporadic sound which combines guitar chords and melodies with percussive
slaps and strums. He believes that this combination has given him a new
and unique take on music that other acoustic artists don’t have.
Flattered by the turn out and his fans greeting him post performance, Conman claimed St. Andrews as a
great venue alongside Leeds and Huddersfield. His set was mellow
yet engaging, his unrehearsed chatty interludes were well received and his original tracks gained his EP great
Photo:Coffee House Sessions
Jack Conman discussed his musical inspirations, which are rather eclectic.
He thinks that Keaton Henson and Matt Corby have mastered the
art knowing how they want to be perceived by their audience,
something that he is fascinated by in his own music. He also greatly admires Bob Marley,
stating that he is fully aware of his public image and how he wants the audience to view both him and his music.
He flicked through his phone to show what kind of music he’s been
listening to recently “Alt-J, Jamie T, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Myself.”
While this may appear that he is a little egoistical, his music is honest and possesses raw emotions.
One of Conman’s main focuses as an artist is audience stimulation. He
aims to combine a number of stimulus in his music so that the audience
can appreciate the many facets of his musical person. He combines foot
tapping rhythm, fast complex strumming, physical movement and audience
engagement to create a whole new appeal before you even consider
his music and lyrics. However he isn’t gimmicky; he stresses that his
fast paced, frantic stimulation of the audience would be nothing if
it wasn’t backed up by solid chords and good music. Heroin Strings
is the opening track on his EP. This, he explained,
is based upon the things you love being taken from you, and what the
right and wrong emotions to feel are. Comparing having your family
taken from you may feel like coming of heroin but should we have
to feel like this? Deep, however it is refreshing to have a musician who
isn’t mourning over relationships lost, but instead exploring metaphors
amongst his captivating finger pickering and rustic vocals.
His new single Misty Central is now available on iTunes. Conman
hopes 2016 will hold a series of new tracks and his Euphoria Strings
tour will take place throughout 2016. For more information about
Jack Conman (and his latest video), visit his Facebook page.
Next week, catch Coffee House Sessions as they bring us the ultra talented Bella Figura.


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