How to embrace singledom with a cheap night out on Valentine’s Day

Photo: Sammi Ciardi

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a miserable experience. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. 14th February is as good a time as any to hit the town with your friends and take advantage of some lucrative deals.

As with any great night out, the first stage is pre-drinks. The choice of beverage is, of course, a personal one, but for the best value look no further than Tesco. Here, you’ll find bargain brands such as Carling at just £12 for 20 cans or the more palatable Stella Artois at £15 for 18 cans — both are perfect for sharing with friends. Alternatively, Gallo’s pinot noir is drinking well at £5 a bottle, and you can always stick with the ever-de- pendable £2 Crofters. For those in a particularly spirited mood, £10 will get you a bottle of Aldi’s imitation vodka, gin or rum, which can provide a base for a perfectly decent mixed drink.

Upon heading out, fuelled by all the wily endeavour of one who’s suc- ceeded in attaining an adequate level of insobriety at such a modest price, remember that the battle to save money has only just begun. An essential port of call should be the Union, given that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday when prices are reduced. A vodka and mixer, for example, costs just £1.50. Despite the small entry charge, the Vic can also represent good value for money on a Sunday, offering a £2.50 pint of Tennent’s or a £3 Strawberry Smash cocktail. Yet keep in mind that it’s only open until midnight.

Why not even take advantage of some tasty offers especially for Valentine’s Day? On offer at the Rule is a bottle of Prosecco for a measly £10. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a mate date — although who would blame you for keeping it to yourself?

As you dance the night away, safe in the knowledge that the size of your hangover will be matched only by that of your bank balance, try to resist the urge to throw it all away on expensive fast food. Now you can head home from what’s hopefully been a successful and cheap night out, safe from the dismay of Valentine’s Day for another year.


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