Global Investment Group: Studio 54’s revival



Studio 54, as a name synonymous with all the glitter and glamour of the late seventies, raised expectations with promises of Dionysian glory and rich excess. True to form, the GIG delivered on these promises with a night worthy of the legend it sought to emulate.

Although placed on a Thursday night in between Sinners and dRAG Walk, the event did not appear to have lacked for ticket sales. The Lizard was buzzing by 10pm, and completely packed by midnight. Guests, dressed in their finest sequinned jackets and white trousers, were offered star-lensed glasses as they posed amongst the iconic Studio 54 logo and photos of the famed nightclub’s clientele. The most impressive decoration of the night: a Studio 54-emblazoned ice sculpture outfitted with a vodka luge.

Logistically, the night flowed better than the average evening at the Lizard, as guests were encouraged to travel between the cash-only bar down below and the upstairs bar in Ogstons. Fast bar service gave us ample time to spend on the dance floor, initially presided over by DJs Flo and Scott Gordon. Playing a healthy variety of old favourites, they succeeded in keeping the room in high spirits throughout the night.

Joining them behind the booth was DJ Alasdair Todd, who perfected the evening as he transitioned from throwback to throwback with impressive ease. Each new song, be it Kanye West or TLC, earned cheers from the singing crowd. Aided by Todd’s excellent mixing, the dancefloor remained occupied until the waning minutes of the night.

Well-worth the £15 price tag, Studio 54 lived up to its name and reputation with another unforgettable night at the Lizard. Congratulations to the GIG (particularly their Events team) on an excellent job!


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