FS 2016: “Far more than your average night out”

Photo: Paloma Fernandez
Photo:  Paloma Fernandez
Photo: Paloma Fernandez

This Saturday evening, thousands of students will converge on Lower College Lawn for one of the most anticipated events of the year. In its 24th cycle, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show has promised a spectacular array of goodies and performances, with unparalleled gift bags for its table ticket holders and a headlining performance by DJ Rae. Considering that the table ballot is regularly oversubscribed and the afterparty has officially sold out, it seems obvious that the show does not lack for hype.

Photo:  Paloma Fernandez
Photo: Paloma Fernandez

FS has long operated under the assumption that bigger is better. After launching their brand with the town’s biggest music festival and celebrating Raisin with the town’s biggest independent foam sale, the committee has continued to adhere to their own image with one of the biggest sponsors ever seen walking the runway of a student fashion show: Fendi.

For this year’s auction, the fashion house has generously donated two clutches, a backpack charm valued at nearly £700, an exclusive Karl Lagerfeld-signed coffee table book, and an all expenses paid visit to Milan for a backstage experience at Fendi’s fall/winter fashion show. Standing alongside items such as a magnum of Veuve Clicquot and a diamond bracelet, the auction has solidified FS’s reputation as being far more than your average night out.

Utterly peerless, the show will surely deliver on its promises with an unforgettable display of talent and dedication, all for the benefit of this year’s charitable partner SANE. As with last year’s show, we are reminded that there is truly is no better way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with anyone other than our true loves: champagne and couture.


  1. For a writer who just critiqued FS as the worst fashion show in St Andrews, she is then offered to preview it for the same publication? She managed to contradict her own opinion with this article.

  2. I’d just like to point out that this self-serving piece of rubbish is only designed to endear its author to those that she has already insulted. Might I suggest, Ms. Franks, that if you’re going to rank the biggest student event in the United Kingdom behind the likes of Catwalk, Sitara and even Don’t Walk, that you have the presence of mind to stick to your guns. “Utterly peerless” though FS may be, your contradictory journalism certainly is not.

    • To be fair it’s not entirely contradictory. In the rankings piece she said FS would be a big show and that the night should be a good one. Nothing here refutes that.

  3. Is nobody at all concerned with the fact that Ms. Franks nearly controls/writes for all of St. Andrews’ written publications?

    • Nothing is stopping you doing the same. But yeah, it’s a bit worrying that her shitty puff-pieces for her friends and those people she wants to notice her get so much traction.

      • They might get traction because they’re well-written (if controversial) articles that people are clearly interested in reading.

        How would you even know who this random girl’s friends are, or who she wants to notice her?

  4. A (rightly) very flattering article of the largest student run event in the UK. Considering I haven’t attended any other university fashion show my opinion is not very solid but it seems bizarre that this show comes fourth in St Andrews rankings’ (according to Ms Franks) yet receives such high praise from all independent reviewers, including Ms Franks herself.


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