DRAG Walk 2016: RAG’s glistening jewel


As February approaches, Saints LGBT prepares itself for a mammoth week of celebrating all things rainbow. An official subcommittee of the Students’ Association, the society hosts a range of Union-based events throughout the year, with the majority of them taking place during the onset of LGBT History Month in February. Known as Queer Fest, this week long celebration of LGBT arts and culture begins with the most renowned event of them all: dRAG Walk.

Also contemporaneous with RAG Week, dRAG Walk encapsulates one of the largest aspects of LGBT history: Pride. On Friday 5 February, ten drag queens will once again take to the runway, boldly competing for the title of Fife’s drag superstar. Such an ostentatious affair has consistently caught the interest of the entire student body, drawing in massive crowds and establishing enough popular demand to continue the show year after year. This popularity may be owed to the powerful message that the event seeks to spread: dRAG Walk is a proclamation of self-worth, as the participating individuals flaunt their personalities as much as their appearances, providing their inner spirits with a physical manifestation on one fabulous runway.

Illustration by: Flo McQuibban

The lineup, which has gradually been released in the days leading up to the event, foreshadows an impressive show. Current contestants include Lacy Rain, a Mothertucker girl and “Queen of the Eccentric,” whose past experience with dRAG Walk makes her a noteworthy competitor. Also performing at dRAG Walk 2016 is the legendary Rujazzle, who will host the night’s festivities with the aid of her extensive background on the drag scene. Having travelled across both Scotland and North America, she boasts the title of Mother of the Haus of Jazzle and finalist of RuPaul’s Drag Race Ambassador.

Even when the show itself comes to a close, the party will remain in full swing as Club 601 is transformed into the brightest drag club that St Andrews has ever seen. Featuring appearances from national drag talent, the performances have been promoted as being of impeccable standards, accompanied by music to dazzle your ears and veritable revolutions in the Terpsichorean club scene. Essentially, dRAG Walk provides us with more than just an evening of entertainment; it allows us to witness history as it is made, to experience a St Andrean night unlike any other.

As a Union event, the price points will further cement the inclusive nature of the show: At £5.50 for the show and afterparty and £2 for the afterparty, the night welcomes everyone and anyone to come both as they are and as they would like to be. The proceeds from each ticket sold will be donated to the Scottish Trans Alliance, an organisation that works to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights, and inclusion in Scotland.

Described as “the shining jewel in the crown of this year’s RAG,” dRAG Walk will unquestionably take St Andrews by storm in the final throes of RAG Week. The event celebrates not only the freedom of its participating Queens, but also of its guests. High fashion, low fashion, street style or experimental grunge, Club 601 will be welcome to all. Sexuality and personality come together to present a night free from judgement, establishing a safe space for any aspiring Queens or for those who simply wish to let their freak flag fly.


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