BINDI: Sanskriti x Sitara*: A night of delight and cultural fusion!

Photo: Laszlo Szegedi

With many St Andrews students originating from all corners of the globe, cultural and ethnic diversity is one of our University’s most fantastic features. It is societies such as the Sanskriti South Asian Society which bring variety and zest to St Andrews’ nightlife.

This was the Sanskriti Society’s second and keenly awaited Club 601 BINDI night of the year and they really did outshine their previous club night in October. This BINDI night was combined with the Sitara* fashion show, so it was an opportunity to meet all the stunning Sitara* beauties in the flesh before seeing them strut down the runway this April. Though the doors opened at 10:30pm, the night fully got into swing when everyone began pouring in around an hour later. Everyone made the effort to dress up and donned their dancing shoes, ensuring there was no lull before everyone got straight down to dancing.

The interior of 601 was a rainbow of colours consisting of a combination of western and eastern fashion fusion. The outfits ranged from an array of traditional south Asian kurtas and glitzy sarees to casual shirts and jeans. Although there wasn’t a massive crowd, the atmosphere inside was close-knit, warm and vibrant for sure. There were positive vibes all round and it was a chance for everyone to let loose of their inhibitions and dance as if nobody was watching.

DJ Harri from Krown Entertainment did an incredible job of keeping everyone’s feet on the dancefloor by playing all the right tunes from past nostalgic melodies to chart topping hits and item songs from Bollywood blockbusters. By the end of the night, the booming beats of bhangra were resounding by the talented live dhol player and the dancefloor was split into a dance battle of the sexes. I made sure I got the chance to get up in the box with DJ Harri to recommend my personal favourite Punjabi songs!

All in all, this was another colourful and entertaining night, flawlessly pulled off by the Sanskriti South Asian Society. For many overseas students, it was a night that made St Andrews feel more familiar and closer to home, whereas for others it was a sensational Bollywood themed night with upbeat music and vibes alike! The night was an excellent preview of the Sitara’s fashion show later this Spring and I am eagerly anticipating what other events the society has to offer this semester.


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